Labor Day Wine Tasting Weekend in Sonoma

Tasting RoomLabor Day was filled with sun, wine and great company. My friends and sorority sisters from Sun Valley, Portland, LA, and Seattle flew to Oakland and drove to our friend’s summer cabin in Summer House Park hidden deep in the Redwood Forest placed in beautiful wine country, Sonoma Valley. We ventured out Saturday to several wineries around Sonoma and tried to taste wine like pros.
These pictures are from our Saturday adventure. We had a a blast driving around to different wineries, indulging in new wines, and finally ending our wine tour in the town of Healdsburg, CA. This little town was quiet and quant with a beautiful restaurant and bar called Spoon Bar! It had amazing cocktails, beautiful scenery and great seating. Check it out and if you are looking for to make a trip for wine tasting, visit Sonoma!

{Wearing my daily speedy bag, vintage Miu Miu dress from Singapore, and wedges from a market in Shenzhen, China}Image

{A refreshing beautiful cucumber and mint cocktail at Spoon Bar} {Beautiful bar inspiration at Spoon Bar}
 {I don’t think you were “allowed” to try the grapes, but I had to! They were delicious}Image{The views from Passalacqua winery}Image{Beautiful day with beautiful friends!}Image{Cheers to a fabulous weekend}


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