Portland Farmer’s Market

"Summer Farmer's Market"
Summer Farmer’s Markets are a great place to find fresh produce, support local farmers, taste fresh artisan bread and purchase beautiful, inexpensive flowers. This summer, I spent a couple of my Saturday mornings at Portland’s Farmer’s Market. My first impression of this Farmer’s Market was a mix of Portland’s culture: hipster, organic, and artistic. I loved it!

A lot of the time, the produce at a Farmer’s Market is cheaper than your local supermarkets and the quality is much better. So fresh and tasty.  The colors of the fruits, vegetables, flowers and baked goods were so inspiring for summer: greens, reds, yellows, oranges, pinks, and blues.

Next time you are making your list of items to get at your local Farmer’s Market, you should first make a list of meals that you want to make for the week, or fresh ingredients you need to prepare a great Saturday or Sunday dinner with your friends and family. Also, fresh cut vegetables and fruits are a healthy snack for work or school.

Check out the great produce I found below…
{Beautiful, large carrots!}
{Inexpensive flowers! $10.00 per bouquet!}Flowers"Green and Red Peppers""Green and Purple Artichokes""Tomatos"{Big, ripe tomatos – perfect for fresh pasta sauce and soups}"Oregon Berries"{This is where I bought fresh Oregon blueberries for my Blueberry Mint Sparkling Cocktails}{Fresh lavender for your drawers}Artisan BreadNext time you go to your local Farmer’s Market make sure to check out information about the local vendors. A lot of the time, these booths have larger local stores year round where you can purchase seasonal, fresh goods everyday.


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