DIY Fold Over Elastic Hair Ties

I am in love with Fold Over Elastic Hair Ties and even after two years, they are still pretty popular. These hair ties are really easy to make and much cheaper than buying them at local boutiques (I’ve seen them range from $3.00 – $5.00 for one!!). They also make awesome gifts and look great as wrist accessories.

When I finally figured out what this special elastic was called, I did some research arround Portland on where to buy fold over elastistic. The closest place I found was the Fabric Depot. However, next time I am going to buy by the yard online. It’s a lot cheaper and there are more colors and selections.Check out Elastic By The Yard ($2.55 for 5 yards).

Materials You Need:

  • Fold Over Elastic (3 yards of desired color)
  • Yard Stick
  • Scissors

Step 1: Measure 7″ to 8″ of the fold over elastic on the yard stick. If you have really thick hair, measure 7 ½“ to 8” but remember it will stretch quite a bit. Cut the end of the elastic once it’s measured.

Step 2: Fold the elastic in half and tie a fold over knot at the end. Cut the two ends at an angle for a more polished look. If there are frays at the end, use a lighter to lightly singe the ends of the elastic.

Step 3: Organize your newly made hair ties in a cute container. Above, I used an old mason jar. I love it becuase it’s clear and you can see exactly what colors of hair ties you have.

I hope this inspires you to make your own fold over elastic hair ties! I made a lot of these awesome hair ties to have on hand when I have birthdays to go to. My friends and family love them! Give it a try and let me know how it goes. DIY projects are the best!


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