DIY: Easy Art Project

I am currently obsessed with doing easy art projects yourself. I was inspired to do this project from one of my favorite fashion websites, Refinery29. This piece of artwork is perfect for your bedroom, kitchen, living area or office. I have to say that DIY projects are sometimes intimidating, however, this one is for any DIY-er level.

Materials Needed:

  • Assorted acrylic paint of your favorite colors
  • 1 bottle of white acrylic paint
  • Painters tape (any size, larger is easier)
  • Paint brushes
  • Canvas (any size)
  • Newspaper and paper towels (in my case old fashion magazines)
  • Water dish

 Step One:


Assemble your paints and squeeze a quarter size amount of each on your palette (in my case cardboard). Start with one color. Add uneven lines and shapes throughout the canvas. When you are finished with one color, rinse your brush and add the next color.

Don’t be scared with using a lot of color and different strokes. Work on incorporating all the colors onto the canvas and mix colors together until you get the look you love.

Step Two:

It only takes a few minutes to dry, but for the impatient fashionistas hold up a hair dryer and it will dry quicker. Taping is the hardest part. Once you have an idea in mind of the design you want, start creating it. I decided to do a chevron shape. It was tricky and time consuming but I loved the end result. I measured each piece exactly at 3”. The first line was the trickiest, but once I had a perfect chevron line across the board it was easy to use that first line as my template.

Step Three:

Once the canvas is taped, apply a generous amount of white acrylic paint to your pallet. Evenly coat the canvas with the white paint. You can do as many coats as you like, and I thought two was perfect. Let the paint dry and remove the tape and see your beautiful masterpiece!

See, easy! More DIY projects to come. How did your’s turn out?


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