Photo Diary: New York

My tangerine tote and I made it to NY in one piece and helped welcome the people of New York with a Northeastern (let’s just say it wasn’t my most graceful entrance). As I mentioned in my previous post this storm was nothing like I experienced before, but it didn’t dampen my spirits about my trip. I love this city because it evolves and thrives off its fast paced, international culture. It is home to some of the largest fashion houses, decadent restaurants and world famous museums.

I was surrounded by things I love most: couture, culture, cuisine and cocktails.

I know why people say that New York is an urban playground for adults. My trip included late boozy dinners with friends, early morning subway rides and plenty of bars and night clubs to keep me and the wild ones satisfied. This city never shuts down. I had a lot of fun exploring the Upper East Side, West Village, Lower East Side, 5th Avenue, Chelsea and Central Park. If you have the chance to go to NY, go visit! It was only my second time in NY, but whenever I travel I learn something new about myself and how I handle stressful situations. I always feel so alive and excited when I visit a new city or country.  I hope everyone gets the courage/opportunity to go on an adventure with their own tangerine tote, even if it is a close destination.  These journeys turn into the most memorable trips.

Enjoy the photos.

{View of the SW end of Central Park from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel}

{Walking around the Flatiron District}

{Getting ready for the holidays and frosted with diamonds at the new Harry Winston store}

{Grand Central Station}

{View of The Plaza Hotel from Gapstow Bridge in Central Park}

{Duck pond in Central Park}

{NY Icon: Bergdorf Goodman and The Plaza Hotel}

{Booze lunch at Eataly, accompanied with classic Ray Bans}

{Blowing bubbles in Central Park}

{DVF offices via @TediTsuruda (aka Tangerine Tote’s) Instagram}

{Perfect NY meal: pizza accompanied with a glass of a deep Merlot}

I had the best time in NY, but I am also very thankful for my life on the West Coast. I loved visiting my old friends, drinking skinny vanilla lates at cafes and walking around iconic and historic landmarks. I want to return very soon and I hope you enjoyed my photo diary of New York. There are so many beautiful things and I couldn’t capture them all.

Stay tuned, I’ll be putting up helpful tips for the holidays and festive cocktails for entertaining your guests. Three days until Thanksgiving!


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