Photo Diary: Park City, Utah

Main Street
It has been great being back in Utah. I always like making the short trip up to Park City. It’s such a beautiful, fun and trendy place. I felt like a tourist with my Sony NEX, even though I have traveled to Park City dozens of times. It was the day after Christmas, but the Holiday spirit was still in the air. If you get the chance to visit this destination gem you will see a great mix of people: ski bums, celebrities (during Sundance Film Festival), and mountain fashionistas. Andrew and I walked around Park City’s Main Street, shopped around in all the local boutiques, and finally retreated into the iconic Cow Java for a hot chocolate. It was a short trip, but the skiing is fabulous and the lodges are a charming retreat from a cold day on the mountain. Enjoy the pictures.

Main Street, PC UT

Main Street, PC UT


None of the restaurants or shops need any decor in the front of their shops. Different art is displayed throughout the day when skiers and boarders rest their gear along the walls of the restaurants and stores.
DSC05507 2

On Main St.



Ski Lift

Ski Lift

It’s amazing that Park City is literally nestled next to Park City Ski Resort. You can take a chair lift right off Park City’s Main Street and go straight to the slopes. It’s pretty incredible and unique to this mountain town.

PC shops

Furry Hood

Utah is known for its dry weather. Compared to the weather and snow back in Oregon, Utah’s snow is dry and almost looks like powder sugar when you step in it. I didn’t wear a water resistant jacket, but was able to get away with a hooded down jacket, white tee and scarf.


I have quite the collection of jewelry but I have my everyday set I wear on my right wrist: watch, small cuff and spike bracelet. Accompanied with my jewelry is my go-to Louis Vuitton speedy bag and my shopping bag from Park City’s boutique, Flight. It was perfect for Park City.


Boots are probably your most important accessory when traveling to the mountain or in Utah for that matter. I recently received these Sorel boots as a present and I couldn’t be happier with them. I have never really worn this style of boot, but once I was in Utah, Sorel boots are everywhere. I am so happy with these, and this pair is “a must have” when visiting somewhere snowy and cold like Utah.
Bear Statue


Favorite photo of the day


Yummy selections at Java Cow

Yummy selections at Java Cow



Snowy drive to Park City, UT


Park City Outfit:

  • Down jacket with fur hood
  • Patterson J. Kincaid white long sleeve shirt
  • Joe’s Jeans black jeggings

Park City Accessories:

  • Michael Kors watch
  • Stella&Dot spike bracelet (click here)
  • Burberry scarf (similar style here)
  • Louis Vuitton 35 Speedy Bag (click here)
  • Sorel Women’s Joan of Arctic Premium Boot (click here)
Photo cred to this guy, Andrew Sakai

Photo cred to this guy, Andrew Sakai

Cheers to a fabulous day in Park City, UT!


2013 Aspirations


Tangerine Tote’s Polyvore

As the New Year approaches, I am ready and excited to welcome 2013 with open arms. It is going to be fun and exciting and I know a lot of things are going to change. I have created a list of ten things I want to see happen in 2013:

Become a Yogi

  • I have always been an anxious person. Whenever I do, do yoga I feel a blissful calm take over my mind and every muscle in my body. My goal in 2013 is to do yoga everyday. My friend, Maddie Sears, is teaching yoga to HIV/AID patients in India, follow her blog here. She is such an inspiration to me and I hope I find peace like she has.

Take a design class and learn simple coding

  • I love drawing fun designs and coming up with ideas. Tangerine Tote is the perfect place to display my thoughts and ideas. I want to push it further and be educated in simple design format and be able to put it to life by doing simple coding (HTML, CSS).

Sew my own dress

  • I would love the chance to design and sew my own dress. I have asked my mother for her old sewing machine and I plan to spend several weekends with my grandmother learning how to sew. I recently watched Lifetime’s non-fictional movie, Coco Chanel. Now, I am not saying I am going to be the next Coco Chanel by any means, but she pushed the limits, created beautiful designs and was so daring in everything she did: dating men, fashion and traditional values. If I could meet anyone in history, it would be her. The reason why I use Chanel as an example, because she created things that woman wanted to wear. I would love to wear one of my designs and feel confident in it. This is daring and it’s going to be a challenge.

Run a half marathon

  • I have never truly loved running, but I crave that high feeling right after a long run. Running is another stress release for me. I would love to challenge myself in the new year and run a half marathon. I also think it is important to have a running partner that pushes one another to run harder and longer (and to also get your butt out of bed when it’s pouring rain outside..).

Work on my Dream (… ‘surprise’…?)

  • Before I started this lifestyle blog, I had this idea to create a site  that’s different but not totally off tangent to my personal blog.  I still want to do it and I hope to incorporate it into Tangerine Tote. Just wait and see…!

Make a cocktail recipe collection to display my favorite drinks

  • My love for making things and entertaining really meet in the middle when I am able to concoct cocktails for a party. I would love to make a photo diary of my favorite cocktails as well as pair it with its recipe. I also think it is important to serve the right cocktail for the correct entertainment event. I wouldn’t serve a cosmopolitan on game night or Jack&Coke when my girl friends come over for book club.

Design my own jewelry

  • Bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. Trendy, fun and something totally me.

Move into my own space and make it my own

  • I have mentioned that I have moved about half a dozen times in the past year. This year I am ready to settle in a more permanent place and make it my own.

Travel to three new countries in the new year

  • I love to travel. I get antsy when I stay in one place too long. I have had the privilege to live and travel to different countries. I would love to design a map to showcase where I have been and things to do to share with my audiences (design and coding).

Continue to read and write everyday

  • I learn so much when I read a book. Whether it is a certain sentence structure, interesting facts or figuring out the author’s point of view. Reading helps my speech, helps my writing and be it helps me be competent in interviews and conversations.

 Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right. -Oprah Winfrey

Merry Christmas


Mochi is back in Utah and ready for her first Christmas

Merry Christmas! It is great to be back in Utah for the holidays, nothing beats a white Christmas back at home. I arrived in SLC on Friday and my schedule has been non-stop. Christmas Eve was wonderful. I was able to see old friends and host a small brunch. My girlfriends from high school and their mothers stopped by for some Christmas Eve sugary treats and pomegranate champagne cocktails (similar to my earlier recipe here).

Yesterday was full of familiar faces, holiday drinks/shots and an annual dinner I look forward to every year. Brunch was easy to add to a usually hectic day like Christmas Eve. If you are willing to have a few friends over in the morning, before they have family obligations or last minute errands to run, invite them over for a few drinks, breakfast snacks and sugary treats. It’s a great way to see each other and it makes Christmas that much more special. Enjoy the pictures!


Cheers with a Pom Champagne Cocktail. If you haven’t already noticed, pomegranates are a common ingredient in Tangerine Tote that I use throughout the Holiday season.

Pom Champagne

Pomegranate Champagne ingredients: champagne flutes, Pama liquor, champagne and pom seeds

1. Use a cute tray to dress up your table or counter for your entertainment bar section. This gold Pottery Barn tray gives me inspiration to make my own DIY entertainment tray (I love gold).


2. Fill the bottoms of the flutes with a small amount of the PAMA Liquor.


3. Finally, top it off with champagne and sprinkle the top of the cocktail with pomegranate seeds.


Christmas Eve brunch

I love adding sugary treats to a three level tier cookie/pie rack. This gives your table volume and provokes interests of what you have to serve to your guests. Lay your treats out and continue to fill the trays as guests arrive. This makes the atmosphere more relaxed and casual. Also, the three tier cookie rack helps you organize the different pastries and cookies.

Christmas Cake Balls

Christmas cake pops

Christmas Sugar 2

I love this imperfect chocolate kiss peanut butter cookie. My favorite Christmas cookie.

It was fabulous seeing my friends. From left to right: Colleen, Becca, Kelsey, Kamauri and Me.

Christmas dinner decor

Christmas Eve dinner decor

Christmas Eve dinner is always a production at the Tsuruda household, to preparing the food to decorating the Christmas tree, everything is a process but in the end, it’s worth it. We always have our close family friends over for dinner and we are always known to start our traditional feast fairly late (10:00 pm). I think that, that is my favorite part of my Christmas Eve tradition. I love sitting and eating a long dinner with good company and great drinks and food. It’s my favorite because once the clock strikes midnight and it’s Christmas, we are all at the table sitting and talking together.

More decorations you’ll find in my heavily decorated household.

Christmas Eve isn’t complete without passing around the Patron.

King Crab Legs

Christmas Eve Dinner: King Crab Legs

Pom Salad
We kept the left over pom seeds from my brunch and added it to the Christmas Eve salad! The pomegranate seeds help balance the flavors of a winter salad.

White grape and peach cosmo

white grape and peach cosmo

My new favorite cocktail! I can’t wait to share with you this awesome new recipe.

Cheers to another wonderful Christmas Eve dinner. I can’t wait to see what we’ll do next year. I’m sad to say that this is the last year we’ll spend Christmas in this house. However, if I have learned anything from moving a half a dozen times in the last year, is that a home is what you make it. I am excited for family’s journey, it’s going to be a fabulous adventure. Merry Christmas xx

Pictures of Pretty Things

Create a space that inspires you and makes you smile.

My bed side table: create a space that inspires you and makes you smile. 

“Good design has to tell a story. It has to stop people, and it has to make them wonder.   Good design is a conversation.” – Zahid Sardan

Happy Monday, everyone! It has been a week full of wonderful things and sometimes there isn’t enough content to write an entire post about it. From now on, every week, I want to share with you pretty things I find that inspire me for new posts to come, hence the title “Pictures of Pretty Things.” Look for this post every Monday or Tuesday of each week. Most of these photos are on my Instagram (@TediTsuruda). Enjoy. xx

Easy, simple: pomegranate seeds floating in champagne

Easy, simple: pomegranate seeds floating in champagne

To all of my fashionistas out there. There is nothing more simple nor more delicious than champagne and pomegranate seeds. All you need is one pomegranate and a couple bottles of bubbly and your book club or “drinks before going out” is complete. Cheers! Check out my Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail Recipe click here.

My favorite NARS palette: Orgasm/ Laguna - peachy-pink shimmer/ sheer light brown shimmer

My favorite NARS palette: Orgasm/ Laguna – peachy-pink shimmer/ sheer light brown shimmer

I love opening up a new NARS palette. It feels like Christmas! I have been using this palette for over seven years… (crazy? nahh). NARS’ Orgasm blush is a perfect peachy color accompanied with just the right amount of shimmer. NARS’ Laguna bronzer is matte and is great to wear for all seasons. Both of these are highly pigmented meaning that their shelf life lasts forever. This is my go to blush and bronzer, but I always like to mess around with bright, bold colors. REMEMBER: If you are on the fence about investing in an expensive item of makeup, just think about how long you are going to have it. Investing in good blush and/or bronzer is a good idea. I would rather spend more money on a good blush and bronzer than an expensive lip gloss. Why? For one, I misplace lipgloss like it’s my job and secondly sometimes if my lipgloss stays in my purse too long or if it’s left in a car on a hot summer day, it doesn’t smell very good.  Remember, “shelf life” when you are shopping for your next makeup purchase.

Crisp, sunny fall day in Portland

Crisp, sunny fall day in Portland

It’s pure bliss when it’s sunny in Portland. It is awfully rainy and gray these days, so when the sun is out, so am I! Even if it’s cold, I want to stand in the sun for as long as I can. REMEMBER: Wear SPF everyday! No matter what (even if it’s raining or cloudy).

Studded gold leggings, Mochi, and a bright Zara bag (perfect combo)

Studded gold leggings, Mochi, and a bright Zara bag (perfect combo)

My little Mochi ball loves to hang out with me when I get ready. She loves to stand under my blow dryer or jump up and say hello. I love MoChI very much but she isn’t the reason why I wanted to share this photo. I am obsessed with crazy pants, whether they’re sequin, patterned, leather, in this case studded. I LOVE THESE!  REMEMBER: Always add a pop of color to your look (purse, accessory, nails, lip stick, jewelry), it stands out from the traditional black and people will notice, promise. I really want to write a photo blog post about these leggings and a bright bag. -Perfect Idea for this week, stay tuned!


Chocolate Covered Pretzels

White and Milk Chocolate Covered Holiday Pretzels

White and Milk Chocolate Covered Holiday Pretzels

Chocolate covered pretzels are easy and fun to make. They make great gifts for your family and friends or dessert at your Christmas party. For the full recipe click here.

Pretzels and chocolate

Cover several cookie sheets with foil

Items you need:

  1. 2 dozen large pretzels or pretzel sticks
  2. 12 oz. (1 bag) of semi-sweet chocolate
  3. 12 oz (1 bag) of white chocolate
  4. Candy cane (3) crushed
  5. Sprinkles
  6. 2 tblsp. of Shortening (2 tblsp. for both the semi-sweet chocolate and white chocolate)
Milk Chocolate

semi-sweet chocolate chips

White Chocolate

White chocolate pieces

Melting chocolate chips

Put the chocolate chips in a microwave safe bowl and add 2 tblsp. of shortening. Microwave for twenty seconds, stir and repeat steps until melted. Make sure the chocolate does not over heat (it makes it impossible to work with).

Crushed Candy Canes

Smash three candy canes in a bag. Make the pieces as fine or big as you want.


Use your favorite Holiday sprinkles.

Make sure you add your sprinkles to the chocolate covered pretzels after they are freshly dipped in chocolate.

Chocolate Pretzels

My semi-chocolate dipped chocolate with sprinkles, large and small pieces of candy cane pieces.

White Chocolate Pretzels

Milk chocolate dipped pretzels with sprinkles and candy cane

After your chocolate covered pretzels are perfectly decorated, place the cookie sheets in the fridge. This method of cooling and drying the chocolate makes the pretzels shiny. Serve on a plater for your next party or individually wrap a few and give it to your friends and co-workers for the holidays. Enjoy!