Framing Postcards

framed postcards

framed postcards

Every time I travel I love to collect postcards. When I say “postcards,” I don’t mean picking up generic postcards from your average convenience store around the corner, I mean postcards from a museum or art exhibit. In 2009 I studied abroad in Beijing, China, and during my time there I visited my absolute favorite city in the world, Shanghai. Shanghai is one of the most magical and beautiful cities I have ever experienced. If you get the opportunity to travel, live or study there – you are in for the best experience of your life. Shanghai is like a New York meets Hong Kong meets Paris – simply magical.

Whenever I look at these postcards I am reminded of the time I spent there, meeting my best friend, Winnie Tsui when we studied together in Beijing and flying to visit Shanghai for an unforgettable long weekend. Winnie and I were determinded to go to the highest viewpoint in Shanghai (Shanghai World Financial Center). These three postcards depict this iconic sky scrapper in three eye-popping colors. Framing postcards from this fabulous trip is inexpensive and it will always remind of my time in Shanghai.

frame + postcards

frame + postcards

Materials You Need:

  • Frame (depends on size and quantity of postcards)
  • Postcards of choice
  • Tape
  • White card-stock paper (measured and cut to fit in the frame – find at local art store)

I used an old black wooden frame with three sections and two piece of glass. Pretty basic. I had to visit BLICK to measure the glass so I could buy and fit white card-stock that would frame the postcards.

Shanghai Postcards - yellow + blue + red

Shanghai Postcards – yellow + blue + red

If you have more than one, play around with the different colors and arrange in the order you want. Remove the “clean” glass from the frame. Grab your card-stock paper and lay it on a table with the white paper facing you. Flip the frame over so the screws and hook are facing you.

flip the frame upside down - straighten and place postcards on a blank white paper

flip the frame upside down – straighten and place postcards on a blank white paper

Carefully, double tape the back of the postcards and stick them firmly to the white card-stock.


After the postcards are sealed neatly against their white frame, remove the wooden frame. Add glass, card-stock with postcards and seal the frame. Hang it on the wall or lay it against your night stand like I did.

This post is simple, but instead of framing print or photograph you take, try framing your favorite postcards from when you visit new places. It’s inexpensive and fun.



Local Restaurant Review: Jade Teahouse & Patisserie

Jade Teahouse & Patisserie - 7912 SE 13th Avenue Portland, OR

Jade Teahouse & Patisserie – 7912 SE 13th Avenue Portland, OR

Want to know Portland’s perfect lunch spot? Well, I found it! This time my Tangerine Tote and I headed over to SE Portland to Jade Teahouse & Patisserie, a delicious Vietnamese deli and bakery. I was initially introduced to Jade Teahouse & Pastisserie in December 2011, and since then I have fell in love with the the SE Asian and French fusion flavor. This local restaurant is owned by a mother + daughter duo,  Lucy and April Eklund. Lucy opened Jade Tea House after finishing an apprenticeship at Maison Carratié in France. The food showcased in Jade reflects Lucy’s knowledge of French cuisine with the accompanied flavors from SE Asia. Check out this tasteful menu below..

Jade's Menu
Jade’s menu is full of Vietnamese coffees and teas, baguette sandwiches, soups, salads, rice and noodle dishes. The prices are reasonable and the portions are perfect for sharing among 3-4 people.

Fresh Flowers at Jade
{The interior of Jade’s restaurant is fresh, inviting and homey. There is great indoor seating as well as an outdoor patio for warm weather}

Jade's vintage number cards

Jade’s vintage number cards

{The vintage looking number cards are great inspiration for future parties and weddings}

Jade's Sesame Balls

Jade’s Sesame Balls

The “Patisserie” name in Jade’s title describes the great treats and sweets you can find at this local eatery. The many selections of French/Vietnamese  inspired pastries like French Macarons, Lady Fingers, Rice Pudding, Vietnamese Wedding Cake and sesame balls are displayed in the glass case by the register. Click here for Jade’s Desert Menu.

ice coffee + thai ice tea

ice coffee + thai ice tea

{Along with a list of drinks on Jade’s menu, Jade also has an impressive tea menu. Click here for Jade’s tea menu}

Jade salad rolls

Jade salad rolls

{Starter: Fresh Salad Rolls w/ Chicken & Shrimp  $5.00}

Jade Eggplant

{Grilled Eggplant w/ sweet & sour basil sauce topped with tofu $10.00}

baguette sandwich

{Baguette Sandwich Barbeque Pork $7.00}

{Stir Fried Rice Noodles: egg, broccoli, carrots, peanuts and chicken  $9.00}

I love finding local lunch spots, especially with great company. I recommend this great restaurant spot for a quick and satisfying meal. As Portland’s local food culture continues to grow so does my appetite for the hottest new meal in town. I will continue to make the trip to Jade’s Teahouse & Pastisserie for their delicious Vietnamese ice tea, stir fried rice noodles, and sesame balls – these three items are my favorite! It’s delicious and truly a Portland gem. Stay tuned for  more Tangerine Tote’s local business features! xx

Jade Teahouse Information 
Location: 7912 SE 13th Avenue Portland, Oregon
Price: $$

TUES-SAT {11am-9pm}
SUN {12pm-6pm}
MON {Closed}

DIY: Chalkboard Platter

Chalkboard Platter by Tangerine Tote

Chalkboard Platter by Tangerine Tote

A DIY chalkboard platter tutorial! I have wanted to do something along the lines of creating my own chalkboard plate/platter. This easy DIY project is perfect for your next weekend project. Some of you may be wondering, “what on earth will you use a chalkboard platter for?” Well my lovely followers, originally I wanted to use this as a way to label food/ingredients/crafts on Tangerine Tote. However, my lovely and wise aunt mentioned to me that given that this platter I found at the Goodwill is made out of wood and the chemicals in the chalkboard spray paint probably automatically makes it “not food safe.” With this in mind, I’ll make sure to put a protected layer of parchment between the goods and the platter.

materials you need:

  • platter (I went to the Goodwill and found this perfect size platter for $9.99)
  • chalkboard Paint (KYLON)
  • painters tape
  • chalk

Before you begin, make sure your platter is washed and dried. Then, place the platter on a flat surface.

platter of choice + chalkboard paint + painters tape

platter of choice + chalkboard paint + painters tape

Taping the Edges

Grab your painters tape and make sure the tape is placed firmly around the edges and that the tape is wrapped tightly enough so there are no air bubbles. This will prevent the paint from leaking around the sides of the platter. Don’t worry about the sticky side of the tape being exposed. Just make sure the tape is firm and sealed around the platter’s edges.

Spray chalkboard paint outside...

Spray chalkboard paint outside…

Don’t get ahead of yourself and spray the chalkboard paint inside. Instead, find a grassy or stone background and place your well-taped platter on the surface. If you are limited to resources use old newspaper.

Read the instructions on the back of your chalkboard spray can. Let it dry for 24 hrs. FYI I did two coats of paint.

let it dry for 24 hrs

after it dries for 24 hrs

Once it’s dry carefully start to peel away the painters tape.


Now the creativity comes in – selecting the perfect shade of chalk. I went to two stores before I found blackboard chalk. Check out your nearest Rite Aid, they also had white chalk but I love color. I had to get the 12 variety pack!

chalk colors - tangerine of course!

chalk colors – tangerine of course!

Ta-da! I hope you enjoyed this simple and sweet tutorial. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask. I hope this brightens up your Monday and you start looking forward to your DIY projects for the weekend. xx

Pretty Things: Pink

French Macaron

French Macaron

Pink is definitely the color of this week’s, “Pretty Things.” It has been a crazy couple of days for me but I am so happy it’s Friday. I am excited for the weekend so I can do more awesome projects like featuring store reviews, concocting and sharing my favorite cocktail recipes, and more crafted DIY projects. I have really enjoyed taking pictures and learning new camera tricks on my SONY NEX. I love it! BTW this french macaron is so yummy (literally melted in my mouth). Check out my review on the cafe, Nuvrei here.

Daily Arm Candy

Daily Arm Candy

My favorite: stacking bracelets. I added more colors and a Chan Luu wrap bracelet on top of my usual “daily arm candy.” To get this look, stack as many as you want! Try not to go overboard, and to prevent this, add more narrow pieces instead of bulky ones.


It’s been both freezing and sunny in Portland this past week. When my skin is exposed to cold temperatures (low 30s), I usually double up on the moisturizer and apply more hydrating face masks more regularly. Try LUSH face masks if you are unsure of what a moisturizing face mask is. I like the people at LUSH because they are super helpful and let you sample as many products as you want. Right now, I am using the BB Seaweed mask. It’s great for balancing out my skin’s oils and keeping my usual dry spots around my chin extra hydrated (and not oily).

Photographing My Zara Boots

Photographing My Zara Boots

I can’t tell you how much I love these Zara boots. I love photographing and featuring fun shoes and accessories on my blog. These boots are really fun to wear and  they definitely make a statement. If you ever wear “loud” shoes make sure you keep it simple on top. These shoes make a statement on their own.

Pink Cosmo

Pink Cosmo

Yumm.. need I say more? This is a picture from my Wednesday after work “pick me up.” I have grown very fond to cosmopolitans. My mother and her friends usually always have a batch of cosmos in their freezers during the summer and around the holiday seasons\. It is their drink of choice. I can’t wait to share my recipe with you! Stay tuned.

Nuvrei via @TediTsuruda Instragram

Nuvrei via @TediTsuruda Instragram

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about doing store features on local boutiques and cafes. I have been wanting to do this for a long time. I am pretty shy when it comes to photography and asking business owners to let me feature their store on my blog. These interviews and imagery are really helping boost my confidence and initiative skills. I can’t wait to share these places with you. xx

Store Review: Appetite

appetite - 2136 e. burnside, portland, OR

appetite (shop + studio) – 2136 e. burnside, portland, OR 97214

Talk about gems!  This local boutique, Appetite, was a perfect find on a Saturday afternoon. As soon as I walked in I noticed the hand selected vintage pieces and handprinted + handcrafted beautifully designed interior goods. Appetite was founded by two sisters, Erin and Megan. They cut, sew and print each individual piece in their studio which is conveniently located in the back of their shop. Erin and Megan were so nice to talk to and I was able to take pictures of Erin actually screen printing on the fabric. It was amazing! Take a look.

meet the owners! Appetite's sister duo: Megan + Erin

meet the owners! Appetite’s sister duo: Megan + Erin

Appetite's Front Register
Appetite’s cute and homey decor is shown around the shop. It feels like every item was handled with love and care. All the items are beautifully placed around the store.

appetite screen printed feathers on canvas

Appetite screen printed feathers on canvas

If you are unable to visit this adorable store in Portland, OR you can visit Appetite’s online Etsy store here and order what you see here directly from their site!

appetite hand printed dish towels

Appetite’s handprinted dish towels

appetite small leather goods

Appetite’s selection of Pendleton small leather goods

appetite hand printed pillow cases

appetite hand printed pillow cases

appetite hand printed circle scarf

Appetite hand printed circle scarf

appetite mini plants

Appetite’s mini plants

appetite's vintage display

Appetite’s vintage display

Appetite’s goods are displayed in the front half of the store. The other half is where all the design, sewing, production and screen printing happens. Check out their cute studio!

appetite's personal printing studio

Appetite’s personal printing studio

I was so happy I got to snap some shots of the artist, Erin, doing what she loves most. Look at these awesome patterns she’s creating. I love the two contrasting colors of the dark and light blues.

Erin's handcrafted printing

Erin’s handcrafted printing

Screen Print

close up - shell print

close up – shell print

appetite assorted printed fabrics

Appetite’s assorted printed fabrics

I loved all the handcrafted fabrics. It was great seeing the original textiles before they were sewn into beautiful pillow cases, table clothes, duvet covers and napkins (to name a few).

appetite's mascot: beetle

Appetite’s mascot: beetle

Meet Beetle, Appetite’s adorable pup. Beetle loves to roam around the store and meet+greet customers.

Appetite Plants

Appetite Plants

outside appetite

outside Appetite

What a fabulous shop! I really enjoyed talking to Erin and Megan about Appetite, they were so nice and excited about their business and their products. If you get the chance to visit, please do! Appetite also has a blog, Facebook and Twitter. Check out their social media pages for updates! I hope you enjoyed your personal tour of Appetite! xx
Address: 2136 East Burnside, Portland, OR 97214
Price: $$ – $$$