Happy Birthday

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

I can’t wait to take 24 by storm! Thank you to all my family and friends for making this a perfect Birthday celebration. I usually celebrate with family and friends when I am back in Utah for the Holidays and then meet up with close friends when I get back to Portland. This year, we celebrated my birthday at The New Yorker on New Year’s Eve. Double fun.

New Yorker New Year's Eve Place Setting

New Yorker New Year’s Eve Place Setting

Champagne and Wine

Black + White: Balloons

Black + White: Balloons

Our party was seated in the wine cellar room at The New Yorker. It was so beautiful and intimate. It didn’t feel like I was in Utah because of all the racks of wine that lined the walls. There were balloons hovering on the ceiling, and more wine glasses than I could count on our table. It was a perfect evening to ring in 2013 and to celebrate the big 2-4!

Favorite dish: Calamari

Favorite dish: Calamari

Now that I am getting older, my Birthdays are becoming more “adult.” This year, my special day fell on a Sunday and a morning brunch was perfect. I went out the night before, but my good friend, Kamauri and Erika hosted a beautiful brunch for me. It truly made my day special.

Birthday Brunch
The menu was perfect and very appropriate for Sunday morning brunch:

  • Coffee Cake
  • Mimosas
  • Vegitarian Fritata
  • Egg-white muffins
  • Fruit salad
  • Cereal Bar (so clever..)
  • Salt Water Taffy from Canon Beach, Oregon

Big thanks to the chefs (Kamauri, Erika, and Ali)! Thank you!

I love the little details: silver serving tray, Anthropologie candle, and rosemary salt. So lovely.

Birthday Table Setting

Cutest Birthday spread and table setting.

Thanks to this little lady, Kamauri Yeh! Fabulous hostest!

Thanks to this little lady, Kamauri Yeh! Fabulous hostest!

Birthday swag

We (or I) was “poppin’ a bottle” for the big day. This is my favorite cliché thing to do. However, it was a very surprising “pop.” Thank goodness I did it outside on the balcony. I think the bottle was a little defective. Right after I took off the silver coil that helped keep the cork in place, the pressure blew the cork straight up and out. It was pretty hilarious but also very scary.

Old photos hanging from string. Cute!

DIY: Dangling Photos

Kamauri and Erika did a fabulous job making my day extra special. I have been fortunate enough to have known these two lovely ladies since high school! They were so clever to dangle pictures from our early years on string that hung from the ceiling. Thank you for a fabulous birthday and cheers to 24! I can’t wait. xx


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