Vintage Inspired DIY Studded Sweater

Portland is known for its hipster, vintage culture. This summer, I ventured several times to local flea markets on Portland’s East side. I heard a lot of talk of what kind of treasures you’d fine: vintage cowboy boots, dresses from every era, leather goods, old trunks, records … usual stuff you’d think you see. My Tangerine Tote and I loved seeing old things brought out again and worn. I also love to keep old items of clothing in my own closet, and it is such a shame when I never wear it or it’s not “now” per say. After walking around these markets I got inspired to hopefully change some of my retro items to something new and trendy. If vintage is in, what’s does it mean for a five year old sweater mean?

Beautiful displays. I love the exposed clothing rack with unique items, old nick-nacks, funny signs, old and trendy lamps.


lovely details

lovely shoes
I kept these summer photos in hope for inspiration for “changing and/or updating a current piece of clothing.”  I found just what I needed when I walked into H&M and bought my sequin pants. In that same day, I found another gem, “DIY Studs” about 25 in a package for $5.00. I completely changed my old sweater in about 3 minutes. The back of the studs were so easy to close, I didn’t need any tools but my two hands. Love this find from H&M. I wish I could find the exact packaging from H&M website. Next time you go in, see if you can find them. I found my package while I was paying. I wanted to continue the vintage feel in my photographs. Enjoy!
Vintage Zara Sweater + Studs

Zara Sweater
1. Decide what article of clothing you would like to decorate. Originally I was going to use a cashmere sweater, but maintaining and cleaning it would be a nightmare. Instead use an article of clothing that is majority made out of cotton. I decided to use an old Zara gray sweater and add tiny details to the sleeves.
Stud Pattern
2. Start to construct the kind of patterned you would want and where. I decided to do it on my sleeve. I love little details. I took two triangle shaped studs and a square one. I laid out my designed and individually clasped that back of the silver studs onto the sweater.

3. Make sure that your clasps are secure. Use your fingers to push down on each of the sides.Stud4

final look

final look

Studs + Hat
Don’t limit yourself to just a sweater or pair of jeans. While I was decorating my sweater, Ali, a new food blogger, decided to decorate a hat too! In this case, “less is more.” These three studs on that hat are simple, yet it makes this plain black beanie look polished and adds something extra.


the black beanie with the three triangle studs


sleeve final details

Next time I am in H&M I’ll look again for these assorted pyramid studs. I highly recommend these to any DIY-er or fashionista. They’re great to have an hand to change the look of your shirt, handbag, scarf, t-shirt, and jeans. Honestly, this list is endless. Have fun and let me know if you can find these gems again.

Send pictures of your DIY stud outfits to I would love to share them on Tangerine Tote’s Facebook page 


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