Makeup + Skincare + Hair

The world of makeup. As you can see I have many favorites but different brands for different areas for my face. I use Laura Mercier primarily as my skin’s foundation, NARSBenefit + Stila for my cheeks, NARS for my eye shadows, Imju Fiberwig mascara for long lashes, elf cosmetic brushes for application, BOBBI BROWN for eyeliner, and Sephora + MAC + Rosebud for my lips. I found the perfect cosmetic case when I was in Target during their colaboration with Neiman Marcus. I found this Tory Burch lunchbox for $19.99 it fits all my makeup and it’s perfect for traveling. Click on the image for product information via Tangerine Tote’s Polyvore.

In my recent “Pretty Things” post I discuss the importance of having your own skin care 101. I have read in countless magazines about how important it is to have a daily skin regimin. It takes time to know what products your skin likes and dislikes. Once you get in a routine, stay with it!!!  If you want to add a skin product, slowly introduce it to your skin and see how it reacts.



Being firm and diligent every morning/evening is important for your skin care. When I travel I bring extra moisturizers, drink extra water and vitamins also help keep your skin looking and feeling fresh. Check out more information of the products on Tangerine Tote’s Polyvore.

I have used different hair products but these are a few of my favorites. Pureology Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner are great vegan products for washing your hair and keeping your hair color safe. They smell minty fresh and the conditioner leaves a cooling, tingling sensation on my scalp. The Prive Relaxing Gel is great for people who have long hair, especially if it’s wavy  The Prive dry shampoo is awesome for mornings when you are in a rush. The spray is super light and smells fresh and it doesn’t make your hair oily or sticky. The Moroccan Oil makes my hair look strong and sleek but it also makes it feel silky smooth. Check out more information of the products on Tangerine Tote’s Polyvore.


4 thoughts on “Makeup + Skincare + Hair

  1. I LOVE Pureology Super Smooth. I also am addicted to the Moroccan Oil. I may have to try the Prive Relaxing Gel. I have curly hair (it’s been a love-hate relationship my entire life) and am wondering how my hair would react to that. I have a gift card for a 45 minute consultation at Sephora and will be inquiring about some of the cosmetics and skin care products. Thanks for sharing!

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