Store Review: Appetite

appetite - 2136 e. burnside, portland, OR

appetite (shop + studio) – 2136 e. burnside, portland, OR 97214

Talk about gems!  This local boutique, Appetite, was a perfect find on a Saturday afternoon. As soon as I walked in I noticed the hand selected vintage pieces and handprinted + handcrafted beautifully designed interior goods. Appetite was founded by two sisters, Erin and Megan. They cut, sew and print each individual piece in their studio which is conveniently located in the back of their shop. Erin and Megan were so nice to talk to and I was able to take pictures of Erin actually screen printing on the fabric. It was amazing! Take a look.

meet the owners! Appetite's sister duo: Megan + Erin

meet the owners! Appetite’s sister duo: Megan + Erin

Appetite's Front Register
Appetite’s cute and homey decor is shown around the shop. It feels like every item was handled with love and care. All the items are beautifully placed around the store.

appetite screen printed feathers on canvas

Appetite screen printed feathers on canvas

If you are unable to visit this adorable store in Portland, OR you can visit Appetite’s online Etsy store here and order what you see here directly from their site!

appetite hand printed dish towels

Appetite’s handprinted dish towels

appetite small leather goods

Appetite’s selection of Pendleton small leather goods

appetite hand printed pillow cases

appetite hand printed pillow cases

appetite hand printed circle scarf

Appetite hand printed circle scarf

appetite mini plants

Appetite’s mini plants

appetite's vintage display

Appetite’s vintage display

Appetite’s goods are displayed in the front half of the store. The other half is where all the design, sewing, production and screen printing happens. Check out their cute studio!

appetite's personal printing studio

Appetite’s personal printing studio

I was so happy I got to snap some shots of the artist, Erin, doing what she loves most. Look at these awesome patterns she’s creating. I love the two contrasting colors of the dark and light blues.

Erin's handcrafted printing

Erin’s handcrafted printing

Screen Print

close up - shell print

close up – shell print

appetite assorted printed fabrics

Appetite’s assorted printed fabrics

I loved all the handcrafted fabrics. It was great seeing the original textiles before they were sewn into beautiful pillow cases, table clothes, duvet covers and napkins (to name a few).

appetite's mascot: beetle

Appetite’s mascot: beetle

Meet Beetle, Appetite’s adorable pup. Beetle loves to roam around the store and meet+greet customers.

Appetite Plants

Appetite Plants

outside appetite

outside Appetite

What a fabulous shop! I really enjoyed talking to Erin and Megan about Appetite, they were so nice and excited about their business and their products. If you get the chance to visit, please do! Appetite also has a blog, Facebook and Twitter. Check out their social media pages for updates! I hope you enjoyed your personal tour of Appetite! xx
Address: 2136 East Burnside, Portland, OR 97214
Price: $$ – $$$


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