DIY: Chalkboard Platter

Chalkboard Platter by Tangerine Tote

Chalkboard Platter by Tangerine Tote

A DIY chalkboard platter tutorial! I have wanted to do something along the lines of creating my own chalkboard plate/platter. This easy DIY project is perfect for your next weekend project. Some of you may be wondering, “what on earth will you use a chalkboard platter for?” Well my lovely followers, originally I wanted to use this as a way to label food/ingredients/crafts on Tangerine Tote. However, my lovely and wise aunt mentioned to me that given that this platter I found at the Goodwill is made out of wood and the chemicals in the chalkboard spray paint probably automatically makes it “not food safe.” With this in mind, I’ll make sure to put a protected layer of parchment between the goods and the platter.

materials you need:

  • platter (I went to the Goodwill and found this perfect size platter for $9.99)
  • chalkboard Paint (KYLON)
  • painters tape
  • chalk

Before you begin, make sure your platter is washed and dried. Then, place the platter on a flat surface.

platter of choice + chalkboard paint + painters tape

platter of choice + chalkboard paint + painters tape

Taping the Edges

Grab your painters tape and make sure the tape is placed firmly around the edges and that the tape is wrapped tightly enough so there are no air bubbles. This will prevent the paint from leaking around the sides of the platter. Don’t worry about the sticky side of the tape being exposed. Just make sure the tape is firm and sealed around the platter’s edges.

Spray chalkboard paint outside...

Spray chalkboard paint outside…

Don’t get ahead of yourself and spray the chalkboard paint inside. Instead, find a grassy or stone background and place your well-taped platter on the surface. If you are limited to resources use old newspaper.

Read the instructions on the back of your chalkboard spray can. Let it dry for 24 hrs. FYI I did two coats of paint.

let it dry for 24 hrs

after it dries for 24 hrs

Once it’s dry carefully start to peel away the painters tape.


Now the creativity comes in – selecting the perfect shade of chalk. I went to two stores before I found blackboard chalk. Check out your nearest Rite Aid, they also had white chalk but I love color. I had to get the 12 variety pack!

chalk colors - tangerine of course!

chalk colors – tangerine of course!

Ta-da! I hope you enjoyed this simple and sweet tutorial. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask. I hope this brightens up your Monday and you start looking forward to your DIY projects for the weekend. xx


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