Local Tea Shop: Tea Chai Té

Tea Chai Té - 7983 SE 13th Ave - Portland, OR

Tea Chai Té – 7983 SE 13th Ave – Portland, OR

In the gloomy days of Portland’s winter nothing could be better than finding an escape from the rain and dreary weather. It may be the gym for some, the salon for others, but for me, it’s between the walls of Tea Chai Té. This red caboose (yes- it’s a caboose) is located in the middle of the jazzy Southeast Portland neighborhood Sellwood. Stop in for a great conversation, a study table, or just to be by yourself for a moment. Tea Chai Té will fit your mold.  You say you’re not a tea person? Well think again-I guarantee you can find some type that satisfies your taste buds with their massive selection and mixtures of green, chai, black, yerba mate, bobba and the list goes on. I personally picked the Coconut Chai made with soy milk (and with no extra charge!)  and was completely satisfied. Don’t be afraid to ask the front tea-ista (Baristaà Tea-ista?) for the fan favorites, they are very friendly and knowledgeable to help out the inexperienced tea drinker. So I dare you. On your next coffee date out, try tea. You won’t regret it.

Entrance to Tea Chai Té caboose

Entrance to the Tea Chai Té caboose

The entrance of Tea Chai Té is inviting and homey. I didn’t really know what to expect until I walked in their front door.

owl tea cups

owl tea cups

Once you step inside  you are automatically bombarded with awesome art made by local artists, unique tea ware and an impressive collection and selection of different teas on the right side of the wall.


Take a look atTea Chai Té’s impressive tea collection!

Tea Chai Te's 120 variety of different teas

Tea Chai Te’s 120 variety of different teas

tea leaves close up

order at the front counter

order at the front counter

Tea Chai Té’s front counter displays their dynamic menu of house brewed kombucha, soup du jour and their wide selection of teas.

Tea Chai Te's mason jar hanging lights

Tea Chai Te’s mason jar hanging lights

I loved all the elements of this tea shop. Everything in this caboose is filled with hand selected/odd/cool tea ware and beautifully crafted mason jar hanging lights.

unique tea cups

unique tea cups

After looking for several minutes at the menu, we (Tedi and Ali) decided to go with the recommended coconut chai tea with soy (remember, no extra charge!). It was amazing.

recommended coconut chai tea w/ soy

recommended coconut chai tea w/ soy

Tea Chai Té’s atmosphere carried all the way to our order. The mismatched tea cups and awesome tea pot felt consistent with the ambiance of this little tea shop.

Tea Chai Te's punch card

Tea Chai Te’s punch card

I don’t know about you, but I love punch cards. Even though I probably will misplace them or may never fill them up completely, but I think it is an awesome idea to get costumers to come back. The illustrations on this punch card are also adorable! Step into Tea Chai Té’s red caboose and try it out. Cheers!

Tea Chai Té’s online tea shop click here
Price: $

Tangerine Tote Contributor: Ali Sakai


One thought on “Local Tea Shop: Tea Chai Té

  1. Thanks for the lovely words! At Tea Chai Té we try our best to make every customer feel at home. Thanks for visiting our shop and please come again often, your kind presence is just the kind of spirit we love to have around!!

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