Rain + Winter Boots

Rain + Snow  Boots

Rain + Snow Boots

It always seems, that no matter what mother nature throws at me, my feet are usually never prepared. I never seem to have the correct “gear” and after looking at my Instagram and Twitter during New York Fashion Week, I couldn’t believe what curve ball Nemo threw at NY! This blog post was inspired by the clothes and shoes worn at NYFW and also from my friend, Kayla, who just move to Boston with a dilema of what boots to buy! These bulky boots may be hard to imagine in suitable or fashionable attire. However, based off these three: Hunter rain boots, L.L. Bean rain boots and Sorel snow boots, I have made three looks that will hopefully sway you on wearing proper shoes for the cold winter months. Make sure to also check out these looks and product information on Tangerine Tote’s Polyvore.


Hunter Rain Boot Inspired Outfit

Hunter Boots have been in trend for over four winter seasons. I remember coming back from China in 2009/2010 and everyone in my sorority were wearing Hunter Rain Boots. Granted I did go to school in the NW, one of the rainiest parts of the U.S.A. I quickly discovered all the different colors these boots came in: black, red, green, teal, beige etc. I have owned my black pair of Hunter boots for over three seasons and I love them. I think they are perfect for rainy weather. However, they are not intended for the snow. I mean you can wear them in the snow, but the rubber is so thin, your feet will freeze! I recommend these boots for wet weather only.

In the inspired outfit above, I picked the bright pants and accent neon  bag to give this look some color. Living in the NW gets pretty gray and it’s always refreshing to wear some bold colors and delicious arm candy. I have also learned that if you live in the NW and use an umbrella instead of a rain jacket, you are considered “not from here.” Even though I have lived here for sometime, I hate wearing rain jackets. Instead I use my Tote’s umbrella which is clear and I can see perfectly out of it and it keeps my head dry. What do you think of this Hunter boot inspired outfit?


L.L. Bean Boot Inspired Outfit

For this L.L. Bean boot inspired outfit I decided that black tights would look awesome with these boots. Autumn/winter shorts are perfect for layering over these simple black tights. Pair the shorts with an oversized sweater and warm parka and you are ready to go! My friend Kayla told me that everyone wears these boots on the East Coast. I am seriously considering of adding these classic boots to my wardrobe. What do you think of this L.L. Bean boot inspired outfit?

Sorel winter boot inspiration

Sorel winter boot inspiration

Before this winter season I didn’t even consider wearing Sorel boots, they weren’t really my style. I was shopping in Portland before I left for Utah for Christmas and found my new favorite snow boot. I fell in love after the first time I wore them. They are super warm and perfect for the snow. Pair these boots with skinny black jeggings, a down jacket, and fun accessories and you have a great winter look that’s cute and perfectly acceptable to wear during the cold winter months.

I dressed up this outfit with fun accessories and a bright nail to give the look some color. I love the funny phone case and hipster glasses because it also gives this outfit some character. What do you think of this Sorel inspired outfit?

I hope after seeing all these potential outfits you get inspired to dress appropriately for the rain or snow. Let me know if you have any questions in dressing up your winter boots. xx


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