Photo Diary: Seattle

personal jump!JUMPart fishy in the gum wall Flowernike tulips
honey sticksDSC08398Chowder tastingfood2little yehwho taking over seattlepart of the crew.thank you sign

I hope everyone had a a lovely weekend. I was fortunate to travel to Seattle for Saturday night with 14 ladies for a quick 24 hour trip. We did lunch at Pike Place, shopped around at 5th and Pine, stayed at the lovely W Hotel Seattle and ended the night at the bars in Capital Hill. Wow, it was fun but the time spent there was super quick. I decided for this post I would do a photo diary, and share my story with you through the images above.

Pike Place was lovely as usual. I love seeing that spring in the air and the tulips in the flower stands were gushing with vibrant color.  As always, there were tons of fresh produce, seafood and delicious treats like clam chowder, French baguettes, fresh pastas, and flavored honey sticks. If you don’t know where to eat in Seattle or know exactly where to go, head to Pike Place Market. My friends and I dabbled in all sorts of little eateries and restaurants. There are tons of food stands and cafes that line this market place. Try the clam chowder taste flight at Pike Place Chowder, yumm.

After our eating excursion we did some major damage to our wallets at 5th and Pine. I loved how everything was close together, we could walk and enjoy the farmer’s market at the iconic Pike Place Market and then make our way four blocks east and enjoy fabulous shopping. A big shout out to my friend, Kamauri Yeh (her blog here) for planning this fantastic trip. Enjoy. xx


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