DIY Birthday Cards

DIY Birthday Cards
materials for birthday cards
cut card stock paper
customized birthday cardMaking any kind of personalized cards are fun, simple and very inexpensive. All of these materials you see above were available at home.  I always seem to have the dilemma of not having a birthday card ready when I have a birthday party to go to! I decided to make four customized cards out of one sheet of card stock paper (how resourceful!). After I used my paper cutter to cut four strips, I folded them in half, stuck on a gold sticker, and used my gelly roll pens to create the illusion of a balloon. To finish it off I wrote “happy birthday” inside each of the cards. You can customize your birthday cards anyway you like.

If you don’t have gold stickers, you can use other stickers like neon price stickers. You can find these at your local grocery or office supple store. It would also be cute to make a cluster of different colors to make an illusion of a cluster of balloons. If you don’t find the ones you like, draw your own circle :-). Have fun! Simple. Fun. Adorable.


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