Nordstrom Stacked Wrist Winner!

Sorry everyone – it has been too long and I owe you all so much. I have been busy settling down into a new job and my life has gone from a comfortable pace to a rapid one. Now that I’m settling in, I am excited to announce that in the time of absence, I was one of Nordstrom‘s Stack Wrist winners (click here for details). @Nordtrom‘s Instagram handle encouraged its followers to take a selfie of your stacked bracelets and wrist combo accessories and hashtag your photo with #stackedwrist. In order to be considered in the contest, you were also encouraged to sign up for the sweepstakes on their website. I was SO excited to enter and add the hashtags to all my wrist shots (accessories are probably one of my favorite things to Instagram). Check out my @TediTsuruda Instagram here. What do you think of the #Stackedwrist instagram images below? Think they’re worthy of being a Nordstrom winner?

Nordstrom #StackedWrist Photo 1Nordstrom #StackedWrist Photo 2 - Hong KongNordstrom #StackedWrist Photo 3 - ShanghaiNordstrom #StackedWrist Photo 4 - PortlandNordstrom #StackedWrist - Jazz Night, PortlandNordstrom #StackedWrist - Portland FleaNordstrom #StackedWrist Photo 5 - YogurtLand Nordstrom #StackedWrist Photo 6 - Portland StreetsNordstrom #StackedWrist Photo 7 - Oregon Coast

So what was the big prize? I won $500 to Nordstrom! I had no idea the prize would be that generous. I made a “Nordstrom Lust List” of what I want to put the $500 towards! Take a look, what do you all think?

Nordstrom Lust List

Click the image above for product details here. Thanks everyone, so happy to be back! xx


Framing Postcards

framed postcards

framed postcards

Every time I travel I love to collect postcards. When I say “postcards,” I don’t mean picking up generic postcards from your average convenience store around the corner, I mean postcards from a museum or art exhibit. In 2009 I studied abroad in Beijing, China, and during my time there I visited my absolute favorite city in the world, Shanghai. Shanghai is one of the most magical and beautiful cities I have ever experienced. If you get the opportunity to travel, live or study there – you are in for the best experience of your life. Shanghai is like a New York meets Hong Kong meets Paris – simply magical.

Whenever I look at these postcards I am reminded of the time I spent there, meeting my best friend, Winnie Tsui when we studied together in Beijing and flying to visit Shanghai for an unforgettable long weekend. Winnie and I were determinded to go to the highest viewpoint in Shanghai (Shanghai World Financial Center). These three postcards depict this iconic sky scrapper in three eye-popping colors. Framing postcards from this fabulous trip is inexpensive and it will always remind of my time in Shanghai.

frame + postcards

frame + postcards

Materials You Need:

  • Frame (depends on size and quantity of postcards)
  • Postcards of choice
  • Tape
  • White card-stock paper (measured and cut to fit in the frame – find at local art store)

I used an old black wooden frame with three sections and two piece of glass. Pretty basic. I had to visit BLICK to measure the glass so I could buy and fit white card-stock that would frame the postcards.

Shanghai Postcards - yellow + blue + red

Shanghai Postcards – yellow + blue + red

If you have more than one, play around with the different colors and arrange in the order you want. Remove the “clean” glass from the frame. Grab your card-stock paper and lay it on a table with the white paper facing you. Flip the frame over so the screws and hook are facing you.

flip the frame upside down - straighten and place postcards on a blank white paper

flip the frame upside down – straighten and place postcards on a blank white paper

Carefully, double tape the back of the postcards and stick them firmly to the white card-stock.


After the postcards are sealed neatly against their white frame, remove the wooden frame. Add glass, card-stock with postcards and seal the frame. Hang it on the wall or lay it against your night stand like I did.

This post is simple, but instead of framing print or photograph you take, try framing your favorite postcards from when you visit new places. It’s inexpensive and fun.


Pictures of Pretty Things

Create a space that inspires you and makes you smile.

My bed side table: create a space that inspires you and makes you smile. 

“Good design has to tell a story. It has to stop people, and it has to make them wonder.   Good design is a conversation.” – Zahid Sardan

Happy Monday, everyone! It has been a week full of wonderful things and sometimes there isn’t enough content to write an entire post about it. From now on, every week, I want to share with you pretty things I find that inspire me for new posts to come, hence the title “Pictures of Pretty Things.” Look for this post every Monday or Tuesday of each week. Most of these photos are on my Instagram (@TediTsuruda). Enjoy. xx

Easy, simple: pomegranate seeds floating in champagne

Easy, simple: pomegranate seeds floating in champagne

To all of my fashionistas out there. There is nothing more simple nor more delicious than champagne and pomegranate seeds. All you need is one pomegranate and a couple bottles of bubbly and your book club or “drinks before going out” is complete. Cheers! Check out my Sparkling Pomegranate Cocktail Recipe click here.

My favorite NARS palette: Orgasm/ Laguna - peachy-pink shimmer/ sheer light brown shimmer

My favorite NARS palette: Orgasm/ Laguna – peachy-pink shimmer/ sheer light brown shimmer

I love opening up a new NARS palette. It feels like Christmas! I have been using this palette for over seven years… (crazy? nahh). NARS’ Orgasm blush is a perfect peachy color accompanied with just the right amount of shimmer. NARS’ Laguna bronzer is matte and is great to wear for all seasons. Both of these are highly pigmented meaning that their shelf life lasts forever. This is my go to blush and bronzer, but I always like to mess around with bright, bold colors. REMEMBER: If you are on the fence about investing in an expensive item of makeup, just think about how long you are going to have it. Investing in good blush and/or bronzer is a good idea. I would rather spend more money on a good blush and bronzer than an expensive lip gloss. Why? For one, I misplace lipgloss like it’s my job and secondly sometimes if my lipgloss stays in my purse too long or if it’s left in a car on a hot summer day, it doesn’t smell very good.  Remember, “shelf life” when you are shopping for your next makeup purchase.

Crisp, sunny fall day in Portland

Crisp, sunny fall day in Portland

It’s pure bliss when it’s sunny in Portland. It is awfully rainy and gray these days, so when the sun is out, so am I! Even if it’s cold, I want to stand in the sun for as long as I can. REMEMBER: Wear SPF everyday! No matter what (even if it’s raining or cloudy).

Studded gold leggings, Mochi, and a bright Zara bag (perfect combo)

Studded gold leggings, Mochi, and a bright Zara bag (perfect combo)

My little Mochi ball loves to hang out with me when I get ready. She loves to stand under my blow dryer or jump up and say hello. I love MoChI very much but she isn’t the reason why I wanted to share this photo. I am obsessed with crazy pants, whether they’re sequin, patterned, leather, in this case studded. I LOVE THESE!  REMEMBER: Always add a pop of color to your look (purse, accessory, nails, lip stick, jewelry), it stands out from the traditional black and people will notice, promise. I really want to write a photo blog post about these leggings and a bright bag. -Perfect Idea for this week, stay tuned!