Tian Zi Fang, Shanghai, China 田子坊,上海

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Shanghai, China is my favorite city in the entire world (I know – big statement). The reasons why I love Shanghai are: fashion, historic/international architecture, multinational cultures, world renown restaurants and Shanghai’s culture itself.  My favorite spot in Shanghai is Tian Zi Fang 田子坊. Tain zi fang consists of old alleyways and houses that have been converted into cute boutique shops, art galleries, cafes, and bars – the past four times I have been to Shanghai, I have visited this adorable space. Tian Zi Fang is always my number one place to go when I visit this city. I apologize for my stack of photos for this post, but I am seriously in love with this little spot. You can find souvenirs,  expensive lattes, and perfect photo opportunities in this cute, cramped space. I recommend coming to this tourist destination on a week day, and not on a crowded weekend. I had the opportunity to come here on a Wednesday afternoon, and it was pretty much empty. If you get the chance to visit Shanghai – Tian Zi Fang must be on your places to visit! x