Spring Scarf Tutorials

Spring is in the air! This time of the year I love to accent my clothes with scarves. Seriously, I can have three different outfits when I change one article of clothing – my scarf. I found a couple of videos from my favorite bloggers and I would love to share them with all of you. Check them out!

I love this video from Wendy’s Lookbook – she does such a fantastic job showing her audiences on 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes! Even though this video is two years old I still look at frequently. I have used this demo video a dozen times to find the perfect way to wear my scarf for that particular day and outfit. If you need a new fashion blog to follow, or have no idea who Wendy is please check out her fabulous style blog here. You’ll love it!

I was looking through my Pinterest a few  days ago and found this awesome new Head Scarf tutorial from the blog, Kalani’s Korner by  Kailani Andrade. I am so excited I found her blog via Pinterest – I love when I stumble on new people doing new things! I tried doing Step 3 with the hair all up and it was perfect with my vintage Christian Dior scarf because it’s small and square. I would also love to try to do a turban scarf, I know, I might sound crazy but I just when a scarf acts like basically a hat. It’s amazing.

Martha Stewart Dip Dye Scarf
I found this DIY Dip Dye Scarf craft via Martha Stewarta few months ago and have been dying to make my own ombre scarf. I think dip dying an old white scarf or customizing it the way you want is perfect for spring or it’s great to have in your closet for all year round weather. Don’t you love the blue dye? I think it’s perfect. Enjoy! Go scarf crazy this season. xx


Portland Flea Market

Portland Flea

Portland Flea

In the mood for treasure hunting? My tangerine tote and I made our way to SE Portland to find hidden gems and capture images from this month’s Portland Flea market. Portland Flea is open year round (rain or shine); every third Sunday of the month (click here for the 2013 schedule) at Union/Pine: 525 SE Pine St from 10am – 4pm. I was fortunate enough to meet and chat with Kate Keefe Sullivan, the owner and founder of the Portland Flea.

Kate initially came up with the Portland Flea after her experience of living overseas in London. During her time abroad, Kate loved visiting local flea and vintage markets. Once she moved back to Portland in 2011, Kate wanted to furnish her house with vintage items from a local flea market. However, such a thing didn’t exist at the time. Kate was impressed by Portland’s Craigslist and vintage culture and she wanted to organize a place for everyone to come together. She knew there were other vintage and flea market hunters like herself in the Portland area, so why not start an organization where buyers and sellers can be in the same place at the same time?

Since opening its doors in 2011, the Portland Flea has over 20 vendors. Each vendor is different yet they all have different varieties of antique and repurpose furniture, vintage clothing and accessories, and old collectables. Check out some of the vendors I captured below. Hopefully you will get inspired to visit the Portland Flea.

Portland Flea at UNIONPINE

Portland Flea at Union/Pine

Portland Flea + Unionpine entrance

Portland Flea + Union/Pine entrance: 525 SE Pine St.

vintage treasure

vintage treasure

This was one of the first things I saw when I walked into the Portland Flea. My readers know how much a love sequins and jewelry. I love how this mannequin is dressed. Its great to see all the vintage jewelry draped into one modern look. Take a look at the costume jewelry pieces below.

vintage jewelry

vintage jewelry

Union/Pine is a split level building. Once you walk inside, you can see all the different vendors based on what they are selling and their booth logos.


REMNANT: mid century goods

Jasper Vintage booth

Jasper Vintage

vintage goods


Canned Ham Collective

Canned Ham Collective’s card on vintage buttons

I spent most of my day at the Canned Ham Collectables booth. This booth is managed by my godmother, Lisa Miller. It was great helping her sell her collectables and meet the kind of people who love to buy these vintage goods. My mother, Stephanie, was also visiting Portland and helping Lisa, her best friend, at the Portland Flea. We had a wonderful time laughing and selling to happy customers who looked like they scored the jackpot once they found these unique collectables. I can’t wait to come back and help Lisa again. Check out Canned Ham Collectables’ Facebook, Twitter, and website.

knitting needles at the Canned Ham Collectables

knitting needles at the Canned Ham Collectables

vintage hats Canned Ham Collectables

vintage hats from Canned Ham Collectables

Vintalier vintage clothes

Vintalier vintage clothes

I loved chatting with Ellen from Vintalier. She was so organized and sweet and mentioned that Vintalier is opening it’s first store! I can’t wait to see what her new store is going to look like, especially after seeing her impressive selection of vintage clothing, accessories and shoes. Ellen told me I can feature her and her store once it opens. I can’t wait!

For the time being,  have a look through her impressive Etsy store here and her Facebook page here.  I can’t wait to step foot inside Vintalier’s new store.

vintage belts

vintage belts from Vintalier

vintage jewelry at Vitalair

vintage jewelry at Vitalair


Vintalier shoe collection

I love how each vendor is different but all of them have to fit into the guidelines of the Portland Flea. The number one criteria is selling “re-used” items. Check out this old map below that the vendor next to Vintalier was selling. Beautiful. 

old maps

old maps

treasure hunting

treasure hunting

recycled earrings made out of cymbols

recycled earrings made out of cymbals

vintage scarfs - favorite find: vintage Christian Dior silk scarf

vintage scarfs – favorite find: vintage Christian Dior silk scarf

My Portland Flea $5.00 purchase and new addition Christian Dior silk scarf was just perfect. I knew the moment I saw it, that I had found my treasure for the day.

more vintage jewels

more vintage jewels

I love that costume jewelry is modern and chic. Don’t some of these pieces of vintage jewelry look like they can be sold at Nordsrom or J. Crew? I love adding broaches to headbands or chunky necklaces to sweaters. The Portland Flea is a great place to get inspired and update your wardrobe. Old is the new, new.

old cameras

old cameras from One House Vintage

my PDX flea date: Mochi!

Mochi was quite a hit at the Portland Flea. We had fun hanging out at Canned Ham Collectables and walking around meeting local vendors. I definitely recommend anyone and everyone to check out this Portland local flea market. I felt like everyone had a story and all the items sold and feature here get a second chance with a new owner.  The Portland Flea is always looking for new vendors. I asked Kate if she was looking for anyone in particular and she mentioned she was looking for someone who sell vintage records and a vintage book seller. Maybe you or you know someone in Portland? If you do, apply on Portland Flea’s website here.  Next month, come see for yourself and experience the culture at Portland Flea.

Portland Flea:
Located: UNIONPINE 525 SE Pine St.
Hours: 10am – 4pm (click here for schedule)
Website: www.pdxflea.com
Facebook: Porland Flea
Twitter:  @PortlandFlea
Instagram: @PortlandFlea

Vintage Inspired DIY Studded Sweater

Portland is known for its hipster, vintage culture. This summer, I ventured several times to local flea markets on Portland’s East side. I heard a lot of talk of what kind of treasures you’d fine: vintage cowboy boots, dresses from every era, leather goods, old trunks, records … usual stuff you’d think you see. My Tangerine Tote and I loved seeing old things brought out again and worn. I also love to keep old items of clothing in my own closet, and it is such a shame when I never wear it or it’s not “now” per say. After walking around these markets I got inspired to hopefully change some of my retro items to something new and trendy. If vintage is in, what’s does it mean for a five year old sweater mean?

Beautiful displays. I love the exposed clothing rack with unique items, old nick-nacks, funny signs, old and trendy lamps.


lovely details

lovely shoes
I kept these summer photos in hope for inspiration for “changing and/or updating a current piece of clothing.”  I found just what I needed when I walked into H&M and bought my sequin pants. In that same day, I found another gem, “DIY Studs” about 25 in a package for $5.00. I completely changed my old sweater in about 3 minutes. The back of the studs were so easy to close, I didn’t need any tools but my two hands. Love this find from H&M. I wish I could find the exact packaging from H&M website. Next time you go in, see if you can find them. I found my package while I was paying. I wanted to continue the vintage feel in my photographs. Enjoy!
Vintage Zara Sweater + Studs

Zara Sweater
1. Decide what article of clothing you would like to decorate. Originally I was going to use a cashmere sweater, but maintaining and cleaning it would be a nightmare. Instead use an article of clothing that is majority made out of cotton. I decided to use an old Zara gray sweater and add tiny details to the sleeves.
Stud Pattern
2. Start to construct the kind of patterned you would want and where. I decided to do it on my sleeve. I love little details. I took two triangle shaped studs and a square one. I laid out my designed and individually clasped that back of the silver studs onto the sweater.

3. Make sure that your clasps are secure. Use your fingers to push down on each of the sides.Stud4

final look

final look

Studs + Hat
Don’t limit yourself to just a sweater or pair of jeans. While I was decorating my sweater, Ali, a new food blogger, decided to decorate a hat too! In this case, “less is more.” These three studs on that hat are simple, yet it makes this plain black beanie look polished and adds something extra.


the black beanie with the three triangle studs


sleeve final details

Next time I am in H&M I’ll look again for these assorted pyramid studs. I highly recommend these to any DIY-er or fashionista. They’re great to have an hand to change the look of your shirt, handbag, scarf, t-shirt, and jeans. Honestly, this list is endless. Have fun and let me know if you can find these gems again.

Send pictures of your DIY stud outfits to tangerine.tote@gmaill.com I would love to share them on Tangerine Tote’s Facebook page www.facebook.com/TangerineTote 

Holiday Gift List for Him and Her

Happy Holidays! Last year on my tumblr, I made a “10 Gifts for Under $10.”  However, this year, I made a list of hot items that he and she will love! I hope this wish list helps everyone on their shopping adventures this Holiday Season. Below each picture there is a link to each product and description of why it made it on my top wish list for this year’s Holiday gifts 2012!

Gifts for Her 2012

  1. BAIES Candle (click here): I picked this candle because they smell great, it’s fabulous to have on your coffee table, and it is the perfect lux gift to give your high profile BFF. A Baies candle is the way to go.
  2. Clarisonic Mia 2 (click here):  Have you ever tried a Clarisonic? If you haven’t then you need one for yourself, but if you have then it is time to share the love with someone else. If there is one skin routine I can’t live without, it’s my Clarisonic Mia 2.
  3. C Wonder Chevron Tea Light Votive Set (click here):  When I walked into the C Wonder store in NY, it reminded me of a Tory Burch meets Anthropologie meets Trina Turk: bold colors, funky interior, clothing, accessories and housewares. However, out of all the beautiful things I saw, these Moroccan tea glasses caught my eye. I think these are the perfect gift for the girl who loves to entertain and sip on tea.
  4. Hunter Back Classic Rain Boots (click here):  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I use my classic, black Hunter Rain Boots here in the Pacific Northwest. I love how well Hunter boots are made and how durable they are when I take Mochi to the park. I have had mine for almost two years and they are perfect for people who live in the rain, snowy Manhattan and pretty much anywhere. Love these.
  5. Laura Mercier Mini Lip Set (click here):  Laura Mercier is one of my favorite makeup lines. What I like about this mini lip set is that you get four great colors for an even better price. All her lip glosses smell like vanilla and are highly pigmented meaning that  you don’t need to use too much for beautiful, bold lips.
  6. Lululemon Yoga Mat (click here):  For your yogi friends! I love this yoga mat because it’s durable, light weight and trendy. If you are looking to get something for your boss and know they love yoga, then this is the perfect gift. Just throw in a pair of yoga tights and it turns into the perfect Holiday gift for your boss.
  7. Stella&Dot Gold Spike Bracelet (click here): I have never received so many compliments on a single piece of jewelry. I have the silver bracelet, but the gold makes a statement. I love it. I was actually surprised how durable it is. I have had mine since May 2012 and I wear it everyday. It’s my go to wrist accessory.
  8. Target Junior Pajamas  (click here): Pajamas are great stocking stuffers, and for $25.00 how can you go wrong? I love the gold polkadots and black trim, perfect for Christmas morning.
  9. NARS Debbie Harry Eye and Cheek Palette (click here): Every Christmas I am so excited to see what Holiday palette NARS is coming out with. Out of all the makeup I’ve tried, NARS has the best blush and eye shadow. NARS’ super pigmented formula makes these palettse last a life time, just make sure you use good shadow brushes.
  10. Pana Paw’s Beaded Leather Dog Collar (click here): Why not give the gift that keeps on giving? Pana Paw’s beaded dog collars are perfect for your fashionista friend who also cares for the wellness of animals but also likes her pup accessorized as much as she does. Mochi Tsuruda (my maltese puppy) will be getting her personalized, “Mochi”  Pana Paws Dog collar this Christmas. A percentage of each dog collar purchased goes to a dog foundation in Guatemala.

Gifts for Him 2012

  1. Apple iPad Mini (click here): Do you know a guy who likes the latest and greatest? Give him the gift he’ll use and love. Apple’s iPad Mini is perfect for business trips, train commutes, and reading through flipboard.
  2. Jack Spade Work Twill Haversack (click here): I picked this Jack Spade over the shoulder bag because it’s trendy and casual. Now that I work in advertising I notice the guys at work carry backpacks and cross over body bags all the time. I think this bag works well for every guy in the building, as well as my boyfriend who is in accounting, very versatile.
  3. Nixon The Private Watch (click here): What active guy doesn’t like Nixon? I have always been impressed with Nixon’s designs. I think their price point is dead on and the designs are always exquisite.  Give your dude a gift he’ll truly wear everywhere!
  4. J. Crew Pajamas (click here): Pajamas are a thoughtful gift and like I said above, who can have too many pajamas? Perfect for a late morning brunch on Christmas morning.
  5. Nike+ Fuel Band (click here):  Have an athlete in the house? Give him this perfect present for the New Year. This device calculates your daily movement and encourages you to make your daily active goal.
  6. RVCA Jacket (click here): Trendy jackets and outerwear make great gifts for the ultra stylish guy. I like RVCA for guys. I  am always impressed with the materials they use and their tailored looks.
  7. Pana Paw’s Leather Dog Collar (click here): They say a dog is a man’s best friend. Give him the gift that supports a dog foundation in Guatemala. These embroidered leather dog collars are durable, look fantastic and helps out a cause! What guy wouldn’t want this dog collar on his pup?
  8. Jack Spade Herringbone Bill Holder (click here): I am surprised how fast guys go through wallets. Again, Jack Spade is on target with their leather goods. I love this playful, trendy wallet. Isn’t it time your guy changed his? Get him something he’ll love showing off, especially when he is spending that cheddar! Ha!
  9. Hydro Flask Water Bottle (click here): Imagine a BPA-free water bottle that stays cold for 24 hours and steamy hot for 12 and on top of that comes with a lifetime warranty? I don’t think I need to say more! He’ll love it
  10. Ugg Slippers (click here): Cozy, durable slippers make a perfect gift for your guy on chilly winter mornings. Warm his feet and his heart with a pair of Ugg slippers. Trust me, he’ll never want to take them off.