Grilled Peaches + Vanilla Ice Cream

Summer Peaches
Grilled peaches and vanilla ice cream go together like peanut butter and jelly but without two slices of bread. Fashionistas and easy recipe go-toers, I have found your next dessert  for your next dinner party or intimate dinner date. These warm summer months have resulted in bringing incredibly fresh produce this season, especially in the Pacific NW. These are the items you will need to make grilled peaches + vanilla ice cream:

  • fresh  peaches (one large peach has about 4 slices. 2 slices for each dessert)
  • fruit knife
  • maple or brown sugar
  • canola oil (2 tblsp.)
  • vanilla ice cream

sliced peaches
Take your knife and carefully cut around the pit of the peach. One large peach has about 4 slices.
4 peach slices
Once the top and bottom of the peach are cut off, carefully remove the peach pit.
canola oil + sliced peaches
Add 2 tblsp. of canola oil on plate. Flip each side of the peaches so that the top and bottom are lightly coated in canola oil.
Medium heat on the BBQ

Carefully place each slice of the peach on the BBQ on medium heat. Peach slices do not take long to cook, depending on the their size (3-5 minutes). Make sure they’re soft but do not over cook them.
grilled peaches
Once they’re seared on each side, take the peaches off the BBQ and put them aside. Lightly sprinkle brown or maple sugar (only if needed). Scoop vanilla ice cream into your bowl of choice and add two slices of peaches. Serve immediately  – they taste best fresh off the grill.
Add vanilla ice cream
Ta-da! Super simple and very delicious. Grilled peaches + vanilla ice cream.


DIY Marbled Easter Eggs

DIY Marbled Easter Eggs
I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter!  I’ve been wanting to try marbled Easter eggs for quite a while. I have to say that it was pretty tricky to get the colors and dipping the egg just right, but once I got the hang of it, it was easy. See the image below for the items you need to make marbled Easter eggs.

NOTE: Wear disposable gloves (it makes a huge difference).

materials needed for egg marbling
NOTE: To make a “drained egg” take a raw egg and a safety-pin. Carefully poke the top of the egg and make the hole larger by moving the safety-pin in a circular motion. Make sure you break the yoke. Flip the egg around and poke another hole. Blow through one end and empty out the raw egg. Rinse with water and let it dry.
marbeling the polishes
Slowly add your color combination into the plastic container. Use your disposable chopstick or mixing stick to make a marbled pattern on the water’s surface. Take your drained egg, and dip it QUICKLY in the water. Sometimes I had to add in colors a second time and do the other side of the egg. Make sure that the design you want to see on your egg is the same design you make on the water’s surface.
use your egg carton to dry the eggs
Once your egg is dipped, use your egg carton as a place to dry and store your eggs.
eggs drying in cartontie dye
Once they’re dry add the eggs to your Easter basket or use them to create a colorful centerpiece. Have fun!  This is the perfect project for the fashionistas who save all their nail polishes ;-). xx

DIY Birthday Cards

DIY Birthday Cards
materials for birthday cards
cut card stock paper
customized birthday cardMaking any kind of personalized cards are fun, simple and very inexpensive. All of these materials you see above were available at home.  I always seem to have the dilemma of not having a birthday card ready when I have a birthday party to go to! I decided to make four customized cards out of one sheet of card stock paper (how resourceful!). After I used my paper cutter to cut four strips, I folded them in half, stuck on a gold sticker, and used my gelly roll pens to create the illusion of a balloon. To finish it off I wrote “happy birthday” inside each of the cards. You can customize your birthday cards anyway you like.

If you don’t have gold stickers, you can use other stickers like neon price stickers. You can find these at your local grocery or office supple store. It would also be cute to make a cluster of different colors to make an illusion of a cluster of balloons. If you don’t find the ones you like, draw your own circle :-). Have fun! Simple. Fun. Adorable.

DIY: Valentine Kisses

Valentine Kisses

Valentine Kisses

Do you have your Valentine’s for next week? Well if you don’t, here is an easy Valentine Kisses DIY project! It’s fun, easy and very customizable. I like to send little valentines to my friends and family members that live around Portland and who don’t.

Valentine Kisses: Materials You Need

Valentine Kisses: Materials You Need


  • pencil
  • scissors
  • chocolate Hershey Kisses
  • white card stock
  • gel pens
  • cellophane bags (Valentine cellophane bags $1.00 at Target)
  • glue stick
vintage bowl of Hershey Kisses

vintage bowl of Hershey Kisses

Outline your kiss

Outline your kisses

Step 1: Take a Hershey Kiss and use your pencil to outline its circular shape.

Step 2: Use your scissors and cut as many circles as you want. If you are sending a lot of Valentines cut out as much as you can, but you can also mix Hershey Kisses without little messages on the bottom and it will make those with sweet messages even more special.

sweet messages for the kisses

sweet messages for the kisses

Step 3: After you write your personal note, flip the card stock over and glue the blank side of the paper and stick it to the bottom of the Hershey Kiss.

glue + note + kiss

glue + note + kiss

kisses with their notes

kisses with their “love” notes

sealed with a kiss

sealed with a kiss

bag your kisses and send a note

bag your kisses and send a note

Step 4: You can either leave your Hershey Kiss Valentines in a cute bowl or individually package your Valentines in a decorative baggy and send to your friends and family!

Ta-da!  Seal with a kiss and your valentines are ready to be delivered. Happy Valentine’s Day! xx

Framing Postcards

framed postcards

framed postcards

Every time I travel I love to collect postcards. When I say “postcards,” I don’t mean picking up generic postcards from your average convenience store around the corner, I mean postcards from a museum or art exhibit. In 2009 I studied abroad in Beijing, China, and during my time there I visited my absolute favorite city in the world, Shanghai. Shanghai is one of the most magical and beautiful cities I have ever experienced. If you get the opportunity to travel, live or study there – you are in for the best experience of your life. Shanghai is like a New York meets Hong Kong meets Paris – simply magical.

Whenever I look at these postcards I am reminded of the time I spent there, meeting my best friend, Winnie Tsui when we studied together in Beijing and flying to visit Shanghai for an unforgettable long weekend. Winnie and I were determinded to go to the highest viewpoint in Shanghai (Shanghai World Financial Center). These three postcards depict this iconic sky scrapper in three eye-popping colors. Framing postcards from this fabulous trip is inexpensive and it will always remind of my time in Shanghai.

frame + postcards

frame + postcards

Materials You Need:

  • Frame (depends on size and quantity of postcards)
  • Postcards of choice
  • Tape
  • White card-stock paper (measured and cut to fit in the frame – find at local art store)

I used an old black wooden frame with three sections and two piece of glass. Pretty basic. I had to visit BLICK to measure the glass so I could buy and fit white card-stock that would frame the postcards.

Shanghai Postcards - yellow + blue + red

Shanghai Postcards – yellow + blue + red

If you have more than one, play around with the different colors and arrange in the order you want. Remove the “clean” glass from the frame. Grab your card-stock paper and lay it on a table with the white paper facing you. Flip the frame over so the screws and hook are facing you.

flip the frame upside down - straighten and place postcards on a blank white paper

flip the frame upside down – straighten and place postcards on a blank white paper

Carefully, double tape the back of the postcards and stick them firmly to the white card-stock.


After the postcards are sealed neatly against their white frame, remove the wooden frame. Add glass, card-stock with postcards and seal the frame. Hang it on the wall or lay it against your night stand like I did.

This post is simple, but instead of framing print or photograph you take, try framing your favorite postcards from when you visit new places. It’s inexpensive and fun.