Spring Scarf Tutorials

Spring is in the air! This time of the year I love to accent my clothes with scarves. Seriously, I can have three different outfits when I change one article of clothing – my scarf. I found a couple of videos from my favorite bloggers and I would love to share them with all of you. Check them out!

I love this video from Wendy’s Lookbook – she does such a fantastic job showing her audiences on 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes! Even though this video is two years old I still look at frequently. I have used this demo video a dozen times to find the perfect way to wear my scarf for that particular day and outfit. If you need a new fashion blog to follow, or have no idea who Wendy is please check out her fabulous style blog here. You’ll love it!

I was looking through my Pinterest a few  days ago and found this awesome new Head Scarf tutorial from the blog, Kalani’s Korner by  Kailani Andrade. I am so excited I found her blog via Pinterest – I love when I stumble on new people doing new things! I tried doing Step 3 with the hair all up and it was perfect with my vintage Christian Dior scarf because it’s small and square. I would also love to try to do a turban scarf, I know, I might sound crazy but I just when a scarf acts like basically a hat. It’s amazing.

Martha Stewart Dip Dye Scarf
I found this DIY Dip Dye Scarf craft via Martha Stewarta few months ago and have been dying to make my own ombre scarf. I think dip dying an old white scarf or customizing it the way you want is perfect for spring or it’s great to have in your closet for all year round weather. Don’t you love the blue dye? I think it’s perfect. Enjoy! Go scarf crazy this season. xx


Rain + Winter Boots

Rain + Snow  Boots

Rain + Snow Boots

It always seems, that no matter what mother nature throws at me, my feet are usually never prepared. I never seem to have the correct “gear” and after looking at my Instagram and Twitter during New York Fashion Week, I couldn’t believe what curve ball Nemo threw at NY! This blog post was inspired by the clothes and shoes worn at NYFW and also from my friend, Kayla, who just move to Boston with a dilema of what boots to buy! These bulky boots may be hard to imagine in suitable or fashionable attire. However, based off these three: Hunter rain boots, L.L. Bean rain boots and Sorel snow boots, I have made three looks that will hopefully sway you on wearing proper shoes for the cold winter months. Make sure to also check out these looks and product information on Tangerine Tote’s Polyvore.


Hunter Rain Boot Inspired Outfit

Hunter Boots have been in trend for over four winter seasons. I remember coming back from China in 2009/2010 and everyone in my sorority were wearing Hunter Rain Boots. Granted I did go to school in the NW, one of the rainiest parts of the U.S.A. I quickly discovered all the different colors these boots came in: black, red, green, teal, beige etc. I have owned my black pair of Hunter boots for over three seasons and I love them. I think they are perfect for rainy weather. However, they are not intended for the snow. I mean you can wear them in the snow, but the rubber is so thin, your feet will freeze! I recommend these boots for wet weather only.

In the inspired outfit above, I picked the bright pants and accent neon  bag to give this look some color. Living in the NW gets pretty gray and it’s always refreshing to wear some bold colors and delicious arm candy. I have also learned that if you live in the NW and use an umbrella instead of a rain jacket, you are considered “not from here.” Even though I have lived here for sometime, I hate wearing rain jackets. Instead I use my Tote’s umbrella which is clear and I can see perfectly out of it and it keeps my head dry. What do you think of this Hunter boot inspired outfit?


L.L. Bean Boot Inspired Outfit

For this L.L. Bean boot inspired outfit I decided that black tights would look awesome with these boots. Autumn/winter shorts are perfect for layering over these simple black tights. Pair the shorts with an oversized sweater and warm parka and you are ready to go! My friend Kayla told me that everyone wears these boots on the East Coast. I am seriously considering of adding these classic boots to my wardrobe. What do you think of this L.L. Bean boot inspired outfit?

Sorel winter boot inspiration

Sorel winter boot inspiration

Before this winter season I didn’t even consider wearing Sorel boots, they weren’t really my style. I was shopping in Portland before I left for Utah for Christmas and found my new favorite snow boot. I fell in love after the first time I wore them. They are super warm and perfect for the snow. Pair these boots with skinny black jeggings, a down jacket, and fun accessories and you have a great winter look that’s cute and perfectly acceptable to wear during the cold winter months.

I dressed up this outfit with fun accessories and a bright nail to give the look some color. I love the funny phone case and hipster glasses because it also gives this outfit some character. What do you think of this Sorel inspired outfit?

I hope after seeing all these potential outfits you get inspired to dress appropriately for the rain or snow. Let me know if you have any questions in dressing up your winter boots. xx

Pretty Things: Pink

French Macaron

French Macaron

Pink is definitely the color of this week’s, “Pretty Things.” It has been a crazy couple of days for me but I am so happy it’s Friday. I am excited for the weekend so I can do more awesome projects like featuring store reviews, concocting and sharing my favorite cocktail recipes, and more crafted DIY projects. I have really enjoyed taking pictures and learning new camera tricks on my SONY NEX. I love it! BTW this french macaron is so yummy (literally melted in my mouth). Check out my review on the cafe, Nuvrei here.

Daily Arm Candy

Daily Arm Candy

My favorite: stacking bracelets. I added more colors and a Chan Luu wrap bracelet on top of my usual “daily arm candy.” To get this look, stack as many as you want! Try not to go overboard, and to prevent this, add more narrow pieces instead of bulky ones.


It’s been both freezing and sunny in Portland this past week. When my skin is exposed to cold temperatures (low 30s), I usually double up on the moisturizer and apply more hydrating face masks more regularly. Try LUSH face masks if you are unsure of what a moisturizing face mask is. I like the people at LUSH because they are super helpful and let you sample as many products as you want. Right now, I am using the BB Seaweed mask. It’s great for balancing out my skin’s oils and keeping my usual dry spots around my chin extra hydrated (and not oily).

Photographing My Zara Boots

Photographing My Zara Boots

I can’t tell you how much I love these Zara boots. I love photographing and featuring fun shoes and accessories on my blog. These boots are really fun to wear and  they definitely make a statement. If you ever wear “loud” shoes make sure you keep it simple on top. These shoes make a statement on their own.

Pink Cosmo

Pink Cosmo

Yumm.. need I say more? This is a picture from my Wednesday after work “pick me up.” I have grown very fond to cosmopolitans. My mother and her friends usually always have a batch of cosmos in their freezers during the summer and around the holiday seasons\. It is their drink of choice. I can’t wait to share my recipe with you! Stay tuned.

Nuvrei via @TediTsuruda Instragram

Nuvrei via @TediTsuruda Instragram

I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am about doing store features on local boutiques and cafes. I have been wanting to do this for a long time. I am pretty shy when it comes to photography and asking business owners to let me feature their store on my blog. These interviews and imagery are really helping boost my confidence and initiative skills. I can’t wait to share these places with you. xx

Local Restaurants and Boutique Reviews by Tangerine Tote

TangerineToteStore:Cafe Reviews

via Tangerine Tote’s Polyvore

I am still defining exactly what I am going to talk about in Tangerine Tote, but I know four topics for sure: DIY, Pretty Things, Travel (photo diaries) & Beauty+Fashion. I am going to add one more topic to the mix: Reviews on Local Businesses. I am going to start incorporating my personal reviews on local stores and cafes/restaurants the 20-something-year-old (but not limited to) needs to see. It’s great to capture a local boutique or cafe through my lens. Let the local shopping/eating hunt begin! Portland, OR will be my first city and we’ll see what happens after that. I did a short review on the Parisian Cafe, Nuvrei and I have more to share with you this week. Stay tuned to be wowed by these local businesses. My goal is to get the word out about these awesome hidden, PDX gems and start collaborating with local business owners. Please visit my “ABOUT” section for Tangerine Tote inquiries. Cheers. xx

Knit Sweaters + Winter Prints

winter prints
I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. It was very crisp and cold in Portland this weekend, but it was about time to do another fashion photo sesh. I was excited to take pictures of my favorite Jack. BB Dakota pattern pants, H&M black knit turtle neck sweater and classic pointy black Zara pumps (details on items below). What do you think?
winter prints 2
Can anyone wear printed pants? Yes. Knowing your body’s proportions are important and it’s a fundamental rule for wearing crazy printed pants. These pants are particularly more intimidating to wear because of their light color. I feel that darker patterns and prints are “easier” to wear. These tight jeans go lovely with this dark oversized sweater and black pumps. These pumps help show off a longer and leaner profile and give you that extra height and length.

vintage dior
Winter Prints 2
Accessories complete this look. I love using my vintage Christian Dior bag, Chan Luu wrap bracelet, custom kunzite ring and my everyday Michael Kors watch, Stella&Dot spike bracelet, and cable bracelet.

WinterPrints Details
WinterPrint Zara Pumps
I love these classic black pointy pumps from Zara. It makes me happy that pointy pumps are coming back!

Winter Print Smiles
I had so much fun taking pictures with my friend Ashley on a cold Saturday. It was literally freezing, but I am glad these pictures don’t show Portland’s true temperature. What do you think?

Outfit Details:

H&M cable sweater (similar style here) // Jack. BB Dakota Lux Jeans // Zara Black Pointy Pumps (similar style here) // Christian Dior vintage bag // Michael Kors silver watch (similar style here) // Stella&Dot silver spike bracelet (click here) // Chan Luu wrap bracelet (similar styles here)