Grilled Peaches + Vanilla Ice Cream

Summer Peaches
Grilled peaches and vanilla ice cream go together like peanut butter and jelly but without two slices of bread. Fashionistas and easy recipe go-toers, I have found your next dessert  for your next dinner party or intimate dinner date. These warm summer months have resulted in bringing incredibly fresh produce this season, especially in the Pacific NW. These are the items you will need to make grilled peaches + vanilla ice cream:

  • fresh  peaches (one large peach has about 4 slices. 2 slices for each dessert)
  • fruit knife
  • maple or brown sugar
  • canola oil (2 tblsp.)
  • vanilla ice cream

sliced peaches
Take your knife and carefully cut around the pit of the peach. One large peach has about 4 slices.
4 peach slices
Once the top and bottom of the peach are cut off, carefully remove the peach pit.
canola oil + sliced peaches
Add 2 tblsp. of canola oil on plate. Flip each side of the peaches so that the top and bottom are lightly coated in canola oil.
Medium heat on the BBQ

Carefully place each slice of the peach on the BBQ on medium heat. Peach slices do not take long to cook, depending on the their size (3-5 minutes). Make sure they’re soft but do not over cook them.
grilled peaches
Once they’re seared on each side, take the peaches off the BBQ and put them aside. Lightly sprinkle brown or maple sugar (only if needed). Scoop vanilla ice cream into your bowl of choice and add two slices of peaches. Serve immediately  – they taste best fresh off the grill.
Add vanilla ice cream
Ta-da! Super simple and very delicious. Grilled peaches + vanilla ice cream.