Pretty Things: Hong Kong

Passport to Hong Kong
Yeee a “Pretty Things” post! This post focuses on my trip to Hong Kong. My Tangerine Tote and I were ready – passport + airline tickets in hand, Starbucks black tea, Nike+ FuelBand, and colorful accessories (ready for an adventure)! Starting from Portland –> Seattle –> Beijing –> HONG KONG! I know the multiple flights weren’t ideal, but who cares – it was worth it! I got to see my wonderful, other half, Winnie and my two lovely sorority sisters, Hana and Jamie.
Victoria Peak Hong Kong
I was well rested and ready to get moving after my long flight to Hong Kong. My trusty Sony NEX and I made our way to Victoria Peak to take in the view and capture some photography. I love walking around Hong Kong and exploring Hong Kong’s neighborhoods, even  if it’s by myself. I used to live in Shenzhen, China, the next city closest to Hong Kong, and I used to venture to Hong Kong all the time to shop, see friends and eat amazing food.
 High Tea at W Hotel Hong Kong
I love the high tea culture in Hong Kong. This was my second time trying this tasty east meets west high tea at the W Hotel Hong Kong. See my exclusive post here about the food, tea and amazing company.
Kowloon Lights!
After high tea, Winnie and I were on the hunt in Kowloon for “hot spicy noodles” (my favorite). I love Kowloon’s neon lights and lively atmosphere.  We finally found my favorite noodle soup dish on a street corner. We ate like  locals – sitting on a stool on an outside table, enjoying this noodle soup I can’t find in the States. I loved it.
Last Night in HK Lan Kwai Fong!
One of my favorite things to do at night in Hong Kong is to venture at night to Lan Kwai Fong (LKF), Hong Kong’s bar street. It’s truly unique. LKF’s is a steep and windy, narrow street with small alleyways venturing off offering small bars, cafes, hookah lounges and dance clubs. You can stay up and party as late as you want or you can relax on a weeknight at a small cafe and have a glass of wine. My first LKF night on this trip was crazy – we danced the night away and ventured up and down the cobbled stone streets in our heels. Amazing.
Hong Kong from Victoria Harbour
I couldn’t have asked for clearer skis in Hong Kong during my stay. I will be back next year, Winnie! I can’t wait to see my best friend again, shop and eat amazing food. Maybe one day I’ll get to live in this dynamic, multicultural city. Until next time, Hong Kong. xx


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