Tian Zi Fang, Shanghai, China 田子坊,上海

田子坊 detailscafes in Tain Zi Fangfrench macarons + china vogue + soy latteDreaming in Tian zi fangcafe signDSC09467田子坊 alley detailsdiscovery 中国tainzifang mailboxes bowls and incense zen plants at tian zi fangBuddahfake food tian zi fang
Shanghai, China is my favorite city in the entire world (I know – big statement). The reasons why I love Shanghai are: fashion, historic/international architecture, multinational cultures, world renown restaurants and Shanghai’s culture itself.  My favorite spot in Shanghai is Tian Zi Fang 田子坊. Tain zi fang consists of old alleyways and houses that have been converted into cute boutique shops, art galleries, cafes, and bars – the past four times I have been to Shanghai, I have visited this adorable space. Tian Zi Fang is always my number one place to go when I visit this city. I apologize for my stack of photos for this post, but I am seriously in love with this little spot. You can find souvenirs,  expensive lattes, and perfect photo opportunities in this cute, cramped space. I recommend coming to this tourist destination on a week day, and not on a crowded weekend. I had the opportunity to come here on a Wednesday afternoon, and it was pretty much empty. If you get the chance to visit Shanghai – Tian Zi Fang must be on your places to visit! x


DIY Marbled Easter Eggs

DIY Marbled Easter Eggs
I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter!  I’ve been wanting to try marbled Easter eggs for quite a while. I have to say that it was pretty tricky to get the colors and dipping the egg just right, but once I got the hang of it, it was easy. See the image below for the items you need to make marbled Easter eggs.

NOTE: Wear disposable gloves (it makes a huge difference).

materials needed for egg marbling
NOTE: To make a “drained egg” take a raw egg and a safety-pin. Carefully poke the top of the egg and make the hole larger by moving the safety-pin in a circular motion. Make sure you break the yoke. Flip the egg around and poke another hole. Blow through one end and empty out the raw egg. Rinse with water and let it dry.
marbeling the polishes
Slowly add your color combination into the plastic container. Use your disposable chopstick or mixing stick to make a marbled pattern on the water’s surface. Take your drained egg, and dip it QUICKLY in the water. Sometimes I had to add in colors a second time and do the other side of the egg. Make sure that the design you want to see on your egg is the same design you make on the water’s surface.
use your egg carton to dry the eggs
Once your egg is dipped, use your egg carton as a place to dry and store your eggs.
eggs drying in cartontie dye
Once they’re dry add the eggs to your Easter basket or use them to create a colorful centerpiece. Have fun!  This is the perfect project for the fashionistas who save all their nail polishes ;-). xx

Pretty Things: Hong Kong

Passport to Hong Kong
Yeee a “Pretty Things” post! This post focuses on my trip to Hong Kong. My Tangerine Tote and I were ready – passport + airline tickets in hand, Starbucks black tea, Nike+ FuelBand, and colorful accessories (ready for an adventure)! Starting from Portland –> Seattle –> Beijing –> HONG KONG! I know the multiple flights weren’t ideal, but who cares – it was worth it! I got to see my wonderful, other half, Winnie and my two lovely sorority sisters, Hana and Jamie.
Victoria Peak Hong Kong
I was well rested and ready to get moving after my long flight to Hong Kong. My trusty Sony NEX and I made our way to Victoria Peak to take in the view and capture some photography. I love walking around Hong Kong and exploring Hong Kong’s neighborhoods, even  if it’s by myself. I used to live in Shenzhen, China, the next city closest to Hong Kong, and I used to venture to Hong Kong all the time to shop, see friends and eat amazing food.
 High Tea at W Hotel Hong Kong
I love the high tea culture in Hong Kong. This was my second time trying this tasty east meets west high tea at the W Hotel Hong Kong. See my exclusive post here about the food, tea and amazing company.
Kowloon Lights!
After high tea, Winnie and I were on the hunt in Kowloon for “hot spicy noodles” (my favorite). I love Kowloon’s neon lights and lively atmosphere.  We finally found my favorite noodle soup dish on a street corner. We ate like  locals – sitting on a stool on an outside table, enjoying this noodle soup I can’t find in the States. I loved it.
Last Night in HK Lan Kwai Fong!
One of my favorite things to do at night in Hong Kong is to venture at night to Lan Kwai Fong (LKF), Hong Kong’s bar street. It’s truly unique. LKF’s is a steep and windy, narrow street with small alleyways venturing off offering small bars, cafes, hookah lounges and dance clubs. You can stay up and party as late as you want or you can relax on a weeknight at a small cafe and have a glass of wine. My first LKF night on this trip was crazy – we danced the night away and ventured up and down the cobbled stone streets in our heels. Amazing.
Hong Kong from Victoria Harbour
I couldn’t have asked for clearer skis in Hong Kong during my stay. I will be back next year, Winnie! I can’t wait to see my best friend again, shop and eat amazing food. Maybe one day I’ll get to live in this dynamic, multicultural city. Until next time, Hong Kong. xx

Local Feature: Urban Waxx

Urban WaxxUrban Waxx's Natural ElementsPicasso picturesUrban Waxx's productsUrban Waxx's magazines

Before I left for Asia, I was invited to receive an eye brow wax at this local Portland spot, Urban Waxx. I loved the natural elements of this NW spa and felt at home in the inviting entry way and waiting area. The hostest was warm and asked if I wanted any beverages before my appointment – how sweet! One of my favorite interior details was the wooden carved canvas on the far right wall, natural plants in the glass bowl, and the “Urban Waxx” painted sign on the silver wired hanging wall. Before and after my appointment I walked around and looked at all the great products they sold at Urban Waxx. Some of my favorite brands and products were displayed: Butter London, Tweezerman, and Serious Serum. Check out their online store here.

I didn’t have to wait long and was brought into a private, inviting room by my newly acquainted esthetician, Michelle Shware (check out more of Urban Waxx’s staff here). Michelle was professional, easy going and made me feel totally comfortable before, during and after my eyebrow wax. Michelle was thorough and gave me great tips on how to up keep my eyebrows in between waxes. If you are new to the Portland area or if you need a new waxer check out this popular Portland favorite wax spot. Remember – book in advance or online here! They do accept walk-ins but this popular and well kept wax spot gets booked up pretty quickly. If the NW location is not convenient for you, check out their other locations here or below. Need to add a bikini wax to your order? No problem – check out their full menu here. I hope you have an awesome first experience like I did. Check out Urban Waxx for your next appointment!

Urban Waxx: Northwest Location
1036 Northwest 18th Avenue
Portland, OR 97209
number: (503) 219-9299
e-mail: northwest@urbanwaxx.com

Urban Waxx: Tanasbourne
2368 Northwest Amberbrook Drive
Beaverton, OR 97006
(503) 372-9505
e-mail: tanasbourne@urbanwaxx.com

Urban Waxx: Division
3103 SE Division St.
Portland, OR 97202
(503) 342-7028
e-mail: division@urbanwaxx.com

urban waxx logo

Playing in Hong Kong


Hong Kong from Kowloonnight view from Victoria Peak, Hong KongHong Kong fun via @TediTsuruda instagramHong Kong central SoHopicturesSohofriends have arrived!Victoria PeakHong Kong from Victoria Peak

I am trying to decide the best way to describe this Asian urban jungle. Every moment I was in Hong Kong it felt like I was a kid in a candy store – everything and anything are possible in this compact city. I am in love with Hong Kong’s urban culture, it’s architecture, and multinational inhabitants. People say that New York never sleeps and I say the same for Hong Kong. Time doesn’t matter in this magical city – restaurants,  bars and clubs are open until no one is left inside – that being said I had no problem adjusting to the 14 hour time difference.

My Tangerine Tote and I arrived two days before my two other girlfriends and sorority sisters from the States arrived. It was so unreal being in Hong Kong together with them and Winnie. One of my friends, Jamie (right; blue shirt), had traveled to Hong Kong several times before and studied abroad at Nanjing University at the same time I was in Beijing. It was our other friend, Hana (left; tan shirt), who had never been to Asia before. As Hong Kong being her introductory city to Asia, I don’t think she could have picked a better one. We laughed, danced, drank Tsingtao beer and experienced all the wonders of this amazing city. Hong Kong’s Soho, Victoria Peak and Victoria Harbour are truly unforgettable. I can’t wait to come back next year. Next, I’ll be posting about Shanghai and Nanjing! More travel diaries to come. xx